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Peter Coade

When Toronto weatherman David Devall retired from CFTO-TV in 2009, CBC weatherman Peter Coade took notice. At his retirement after 48 years, Devall was noted as having the “longest career as a weather forecaster,” a then newly created record by the Guinness World Records. But Coade, then with 46 years of weather forecasting under his belt, knew he could easily challenge that record.
This past June, officials at Guinness announced Coade did just that. “It’s sort of getting a record for going to work,” Coade says. “I never thought of it. People are making more of it than I do. I love what I do and it’s probably the only thing I know how to do.”
Coade, who grew up in the Hydrostone area, started his career in weather working with the federal government’s weather service in 1962. That job took him to Truro, Goose Bay and Toronto. His media career began in 1967 with CBC, and later CFRB in Toronto. He returned to Nova Scotia in 1990 working first for ATV/ASN, and then back to CBC in 2007. He currently works for CBC Maritimes where his forecasts can be heard six days a week on CBC Radio One. He recalls career highlights, including working at the Canadian International Air Show in Toronto, flying with the American Air Force from Goose Bay and too many big storms to count.
He says what he loves about his job is meeting new people and, of course, delivering accurate forecasts. “When people have special events and they ask you for special information and you give it to them and it turns out right, that is very gratifying,” he says, adding while he loves listening to the sound of rain, he prefers sun to snow.
Coade’s current job allows him to work from home. While that requires he go to bed early and rise early, he still doesn’t consider it work. He recently bought a boat that he’d love to enjoy more often. Still, approaching 71 this November, he has no plans to retire for good.
“I have chosen a career I can never leave,” he says. “Not only because a lot of people know me and they will ask me about the weather, but myself. As soon as I wake up in the morning I look out the window, and probably will until the day I die. I’ll be looking at the weather charts to see what the weather will be on the weekend. A banker can stop banking, a policeman can hang up his gun, but a weatherman can never retire.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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