Volkswagen Remote Luxury Experience

Photos: Jody Euloth

Jody Euloth is the advertising-sales project manager for Halifax Magazine. Volkswagen recently offered her the opportunity take part in its Remote Luxury Experience.

Our journey was taking us three hours outside the city to the secluded wilderness retreat Trout Point Lodge  in southwestern Nova Scotia. A close girlfriend of mine and I were excited to try out the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg for a weekend adventure.

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With its clean lines, the look of the Touareg is very impressive. Looking rugged and durable, while exuding a luxury feel both inside and out. Ready to get going on our adventure and with our hands full of luggage, the KESSY keyless access was super convenient, unlocking the vehicle for us. The power tailgate with remote open and close function made it easy to pack up the spacious trunk.

We jumped in and fired up the powerful 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel engine with an easy push-button start. The low rumble of the engine was quiet from inside the vehicle yet ready to deliver 240 horsepower of power. With a fuel consumption rating of 12.8L/100 km on the highway, the Volkswagen Touareg offers the perfect combination of fuel efficiency and performance.

By the time we hit the road for our adventure, the city was in a torrential downpour. It was windy, rainy and dark, but the luxury features on the inside of the Touareg made up for the miserable weather. We quickly fell in love with the heated eight-way electrically adjustable front seats and the heated steering wheel. Both of these features, along with dual-zone electric climate control, kept us perfectly comfortable and cozy for the entire ride. This luxury ride is also equipped with the RNS 850 satellite navigation system with 3D landmarks. This 8-inch touch screen kept us on the right path to our remote location, allowing us to focus entirely on the road without having to worry about directions.

With 100 acres of wooded estate bordering the remote Tobeatic Wilderness Area, the road heading into Trout Point Lodge is a long, windy dark one. One feature that came in handy, which we came to have a quick appreciation for, is the Bi-Xenon headlights with the adaptive front-light system. These headlights are brighter than regular bulbs and turn up to 13 degrees around the corner before you do. Thank goodness they turn the corner before you do, because while whipping around one at a good speed we were confronted head on with a big deer staring right at us! In a split second, we were able to swerve into the other lane to avoid a collision. The Touareg handled like a pro on this move.

After three hours of feeling out the Touareg, we arrived at our destination. Trout Point Lodge is a true eco-lodge and follows leading sustainable tourism practices recognized by the Parks Canada Award and the National Geographic Society. An exemplary wilderness lodge and nature retreat, as well a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the main lodge was beautifully lit up in the remote darkness. We were greeted with first-class service, immediately feeling the coziness and rustic vibe of the lodge. Made with giant Eastern spruce logs, the main lodge replicates the Great Camps erected along the U.S. and Canadian Eastern seaboard in the early 20th century. The architecture is stunning.

For the weekend, we posted up in the comfortable Acadian Junior Suite. With a country and cozy feel, showcasing full log walls, we spent a few late night hours relaxing and curled up with a book in the walk-in log bay window. The floors of our suite were made from a local sustainable wood called Hackmatack, covered with rugs that were handmade with care. With lots of windows, our suite was bright and airy with a beautiful view of the river.

During the days, when we weren’t out adventuring, we took full advantage of the outdoor space by opening the French doors that lead to the front porch. We were able to sit outside, enjoying the fresh air and the peacefulness that surrounded us. Often the only thing we heard was the running of the river water and the sound of the birds and other wild animals. With no cell phone service, we were able to completely disconnect from the outside world and escape into relaxation mode.

With our first full day ahead of us, we woke up early and set out onto the wilderness hiking trails, which ended with a trip to one of our favorite places, the outdoor barrel sauna. Finally, it was time to take the Touareg out for a spin on a back road adventure to test how this vehicle performs on the rough, rocky roads of the back woods. With the 4MOTION all-wheel drive feature, we maneuvered the rocks and potholes with ease. It felt so natural for this luxury vehicle to be in the back woods, with the ability to tackle inclines of up to 31 degrees. The Panoramic Power Sunroof of the Touareg makes the vehicle bright and open, allowing us to fully take in the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness all around us.

During our off-roading adventure, we built up our appetite and were looking forward to enjoying our Saturday night dinner. Trout Point Lodge is well-known for offering an amazing culinary experience. The kitchen uses fresh local meats and seafood. The organic ingredients for their dishes are from the on-site gardens, when the season permits.  The dining room, Bois et Charbon, is intimate with a roaring fireplace, beautiful slate floors and log beam ceiling. Our server was friendly, as she delivered us one tasty dish after another. We started with a warm and creamy tomato soup, followed by a grilled to perfection, mouth-watering tenderloin with a peppercorn sauce. With full stomachs, we managed to find room for the delightful vanilla bean crème brulee.

Later that evening, once the darkness set in, we ventured out to the star gazing platform to take in the vast sky. The view took our breath away. It was just recently that Trout Point Lodge was selected as the world’s first certified Starlight Hotel by the UNESCO partner Starlight Foundation.

After a good night’s rest, it was time for us to head home and for our adventure to, sadly, come to an end. During the drive, we were able to reflect on our weekend, which was definitely a Remote Luxury Experience. With this being our first time driving a Volkswagen, we were extremely impressed with the brand and can’t wait for the next time we can drive a Volkswagen.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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