The View: Bilby

"Bilby" by Andrea Crouse. Used with permission.

Artist Andrea Crouse uses a unique technique to capture a distinctive Halifax scene

Andrea Crouse’s art is a form of collage mastered over years of thoughtful practice. She takes tiny paper cut outs from magazines and glues them onto wood panels, a slow and deliberate process that gives her a sense of calm and relaxation.

From the artist: “This paper collage artwork features colourful houses along Bilby Street in North End Halifax. Bright paint on wood shingles and decorative mouldings are a part of our city’s landscape that is rapidly changing in the face of new development. Newly constructed buildings on nearby Isleville Street peek out from around the corner in this scene.”

Title: Bilby
Date: 2021
Medium: paper collage on wood panel
Size: 6” x 8”

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