The View: Barrington street cityscape

Barrington street cityscape by Boma Nnnaji.

A strong interest in people — the human spirit and its relationship with its environment — drives Boma Nnaji’s art

With expressive colours, Boma Nnaji examines daily subjects in a contemporary style, drawing strong influence from his fascination with graffiti art, which grew during the ‘90s hip-hop cultural explosion, as art became a visual complement to the music of the day. He lives and works in Halifax.

Boma Nnaji

From the artist: “The downtown core of every city is an expression of the collective energy and human life force in a continuous rhythmic dance. The need to express this feeling has always been overpowering, so I took up the challenge the moment I had the opportunity. The … painting features contrasting colours that capture the delicate balance between an upbeat but sometimes melancholic city.”

Title: Barrington street cityscape
Date: 2018
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24” by 36”

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