The Sound: Decolonizing Minds

Solitutde by Jacqueline Potvin-Boucher, Indigenous Artist

Most Canadians have a lot to learn — and unlearn — about our history

If you’re like most Canadians, you’ve had occasion to realize lately that a great deal of what you think you know about First Nations history is wrong. This was not a mostly empty land before the Europeans arrived. There were thriving Indigenous communities across the continent, vibrant cultures with strong traditions and histories. 

One of the most lasting and damaging legacies of colonialism is the twisting of Indigenous history, creating lies, half-truths, and misconceptions that so many people today accept as facts. 

With CBC’s recent Telling Our Twisted Histories podcast series, host Kaniehti:io Horn “brings us together to decolonize our minds— one word, one concept, one story at a time.” Over 11 episodes, listeners explore topics like education, the significance of names, the truth about Pocahontas, and what reconciliation really entails. Spoiler: It’s more than just saying “sorry.” 

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