The Sound: Countless Journeys

Newcomers share their raw, unvarnished coming-to-Canada stories 

At the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, first-person storytelling is key — newcomers share their experiences in their own words, unfiltered by the lens of history. 

And that goes beyond the exhibitions. Last month the museum launched season two of its Countless Journeys podcast

Hosts Mark Sakamoto and Kim Thúy are acclaimed storytellers: Thúy ‘s debut novel Ru won the Governor General’s Award for French-language and a TV miniseries based on Sakamoto’s memoir Forgiveness: A Gift from My Grandparents is in the works. 

The podcasts are structured as informal, yet insightful, conversations. 

“Podcasts combine the intimacy of a conversation with everything that’s great about a good story,” says co-producer Tina Pittaway in a post on the Pier 21 website. 

Helping listeners understand newcomers’ journeys — not just physical journeys but emotional ones — is the mission. 

“Understanding the kinds of experiences that have shaped the lives of Canadians, no matter how deep their roots that are here, goes a long way towards fostering strong connections among all of us,” Pittaway adds. “And there’s so much to learn from one another, as well as from our own family histories.” 

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