The rebellion has begun

Photo: Michelle Doucette

Next month, Mocean Dance presents Ordinary Rebels, its 10th annual home-season show featuring a solo, a duet and a trio. The performances will take place at Neptune’s Studio Theatre from January 21 to 23 at 8 p.m.
Unlike last year’s show, which featured the 40-minute, über-physical, Serge Bennathan-commissioned showpiece Sable Island, these are smaller, experimental, curated dances. In the 20-minute solo, La chute, dancer David Albert-Toth performs his and Emily Gualtieri’s choreography, which is influenced by hip hop and street dance; both hail from Montreal’s Parts+Labour_Danse.
“Usually we don’t present other companies in our shows, but we thought it would be something different for our audiences,” says Susanne Chui, Mocean’s co-artistic director. “We also see real value in collaborating with talented Canadian dancers, choreographers and musicians.”
One of two world premieres, the 25-minute trio Stealing Fire will be danced by Mocean’s Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker and Gillian Seaward-Boone to Emily Gualtieri’s choreography and music composed by David Albert-Toth.
The other world premiere, the 20-minute duet Standing Alone Facing You, choreographed by Mocean co-artistic director Sara Coffin, who will perform it with the contemporary dance company’s Gillian Seaward-Boone. (It was a work in progress at press time).
“My creative plan for this piece is to choreograph a tightly crafted athletic partnership that symbolizes the same person revealing different parts of herself,” says Coffin. “Gillian and I will be carrying and falling into each other, and supporting each other’s weight on our shoulders and backs. It will explore the limits of power and strength.”
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