Sunny Sips & Snacks: 3 New Patios to Visit Now in Halifax

As the warm weather is finally here, were looking to make the most of the rays. There are a few new patios in the city that set themselves apart from the rest with original details to make the eating, lounging, and imbibing that much more relaxing and memorable.

IMG_1769 (1)Patio One: Stillwell Beergarden on Spring Garden Road

After losing their waterfront spot, Stillwell comes back, and takes a shabby looking empty lot and turns it into a Brooklynesque spot within our downtown. The walk-up bar sits a whack of people, with large cafeteria like tables filling most of the space, then benches and bleacher-like seating towards the back. The warm string lighting hanging over the entire outdoor space and a few plants smattered about bring the mood. The refurbished shipping container at the back serves beer (no table service) and that’s where you can buy tokens for food.  You can order things like corn on the cob, wings, ballpark style hotdogs, or fried bologna sandwiches. These are perfect beer snacks: uncomplicated but cooked right and with lots of punch.
Also, Stillwell not only allows dogs, but welcomes them with treats and water bowls. The icing on the cake is the Dairy Bar: an adjoining business where you can grab a gourmet ice cream, sundae, or popsicle and enjoy it within the beer garden.

_DSC7118Patio Two: Agricola Street Brasserie’s Rooftop

Agricola Street Brasserie has been open for a few years now, and has a very lovely, stylish restaurant and bar. Their menu is locally focused and worldly, although pulling a bit more on the French influence. It’s a really solid option for a drink already and the new rooftop patio overlooking Agricola adds another reason to visit.
There are no buildings to block the light from this elevated space, and it enjoys full sun, all day, if weather cooperates. This patio, too, is first come, first served and has a different menu items from the full scale restaurant downstairs. A few selections of wine, beer, cocktails and snacks are offered, along with complimentary sunscreen if you’re roasting, blankets if you’re chilly, and great summer playlists. No reservations.

_DSC7027Patio Three: Good Robot Gastroturf on Robie Street

Gastroturf is the word-child of gastropub and astroturf, I can only imagine. Good Robot is a brewery with a very laid-back tap room serving both its beer and selections from other Nova Scotian microbreweries. The patio, is an astroturf covered area with picnic tables, planter boxes with hops plants growing, and a sandbag game. This patio is smaller than Stillwell’s but because of the uptown location, often less crowded.
Good Robot serves snacks, and there have also been rumblings about teaming up with The Coastal (breakfast joint across the street) for weekend brunch. They also allow dogs, and you could wear a cutoff here and wouldn’t feel out of place because the vibe is that of a friend’s backyard barbecue. Also, no reservations.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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