Sherman Downey comes home

When singer/songwriter Sherman Downey performs at The Carleton tonight, he promises the audience a “nice intimate evening” of feel-good folk.
Since March 30, Downey has been travelling alone through Ontario, making his way to the East Coast. It’s his first solo tour and tonight is the last stop, and a familiar one: Downey has played the a venue many times.
Downey’s show will be an equal mixture of songs and story telling. His music fuses both country and indie pop, but rooted in folk. He likes to create a connection with the audience; that’s what he loves most about performing.  “I’ve got so many great friends all across Canada now, just fellow musicians and the people you play to,” he says. “I love meeting new people and making those connections from the stage.”
The Newfoundland-based musician has been interested in music since high school; his first experiences with a piano in his schools’ gymnasium. When his former five-member band, Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case, released their first album in 2009, Downey retired from teaching and gave music his full attention.
“I’m expressing myself through music, I don’t know any other way to do it really,” he says.
But for the past three years, Downey has focused on his solo work, pulling away from the band. He says the group work was closing doors on a lot of solo endeavours.
Having nearly completed his first solo tour, he plans to start recording. It’s been four years since his second album, The Sun in Your Eyes (with the band), released. Downey is looking for special spaces in Newfoundland to record, such as Fogo Island or in a lighthouse.
After the tour, Downey will drive his Volkswagen back to Newfoundland, bringing with him all the stories from the road. Stories that might be told, through song, on his next album.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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