Roundup: COVID count holds steady, women who lead share their stories, cause of Truro fire unknown, the joys of home brewing

Victoria Councillor Perla MacLeod and Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton.

The only person in Nova Scotia currently known to have COVID-19 remains hospitalized in ICU, according to the latest update from the provincial government. Overall, the province has had 89,930 negative test results, 1,087 known COVID-19 cases, and 65 deaths.

“If we don’t talk about it, it won’t change”
If you’re a woman in politics, you will encounter endless insults, threats, and hatred. People say it goes with the territory but Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton doesn’t buy that rationalization and is refusing to accept it as normal.

At a recent event to support women leaders, she called on people to speak out and confront the daily misogyny that dominates our political debate. “If we don’t talk about [those experiences] out loud, if we don’t let our citizens know that they are occurring, then they won’t change,” she says. See Jake Boudrot’s recent story in The Reporter for more.

Craig Ferguson. Photo: Victoria Walton

Meet your dead neighbours
The city’s historic cemeteries fascinate Craig Ferguson. In the rows of names and dates, with their scant details and heartfelt epitaphs, he sees countless stories waiting for someone to share them. “If it wasn’t for an accident in history you might know these people,” he says. “These are your neighbours; they’re just dead.”

He spends a great deal of his time exploring graveyards, researching the names, and sharing what he finds via his Twitter account @DeadinHalifax. And increasingly, he worries he’s running out of time before we lose some stories forever.

“There’s a real danger of more of that stuff getting paved over,” he says. “There’s a lot of pressure to redevelop… People think this stuff has already been written down, but most of the stories of the regular people are the ones that haven’t been told. They’re not going to dig up Alexander Keith’s grave and put a condo there. It’s the regular people whose stuff gets lost in these situations.”

He tells Victoria Walton about his work in this new Halifax Magazine feature.

Source of Truro fire “undetermined”
Officials have completed their investigation into a blaze that destroyed several downtown Truro businesses earlier this month without finding many answers. The fire “was found to have started in the ceiling space and the official cause is undetermined” says fire-marshal spokesperson Krista Higdon. Raissa Tetanish reports for Hub Now.

The joys of home brewing
As ever-growing numbers of beer aficionados are learning, there’s a simple joy in crafting your own brew at home. “A fantastic sense of accomplishment washed over me the first time I tasted my own home-brewed beer,” recalls Halifax Magazine beer columnist Kim Hart Macneill. “It was probably not as delicious as I thought at the time, but the knowledge that I made it in my own kitchen was powerful.”

And in addition to your beer, your reward will be a bunch of supportive new friends. “Everyone in the brewing community, from staff in stores to people online, is really into it and excited to talk about brewing,” says Noble Grape manager Matt Chapple. “When you find like-minded people you will make quick friends.”

In the new issue of East Coast Living, Hart Macneill has all the information you need to start your own home brewery.

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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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