Roundup: Vax update, C.B. town wants answers as RCMP costs climb, attacker hospitalized after violent Pictou home invasion, Keji seaside park closed for repairs

The Kejimkujik seaside park is now closed until 2022 as workers fix recent storm damage. Photo: Parks Canada

The latest vaccination update from the provincial government again underscores the key role inoculations play in reducing serious illness and death from COVID-19.

From Oct. 21 to 27, Nova Scotia has had 87 known cases of COVID-19:

  • 23 (26.4 per cent) were fully vaccinated,
  • Three (3.4 per cent) were partially vaccinated,
  • 61 (70.1 per cent) were unvaccinated.

From March 15 to Oct. 27, Nova Scotia has had 5,649 known cases:

  • 359 (6.4 per cent) were fully vaccinated,
  • 359 (6.4 per cent) were partially vaccinated,
  • 4,931 (87.3 per cent) were unvaccinated.

There were 306 people hospitalized:

  • 12 (3.9 per cent) were fully vaccinated,
  • 31 (10.1 per cent) were partially vaccinated,
  • 263 (85.9 per cent) were unvaccinated.

Thirty-four people died:

  • Three (8.8 per cent) were fully vaccinated,
  • Three (8.8 per cent) were partially vaccinated,
  • 28 (82.4 per cent) were unvaccinated.

As of the most recent update (released on Friday), Nova Scotia has 169 known active cases of COVID-19. Ten people are hospitalized in provincial COVID units, including one in ICU.

Attacker hospitalized after violent home invasion
A Pictou Halloween party turned violent early on Oct. 31, as a man tried to shoot a woman and then pursued her into her home, stabbing another person before a group of bystanders tackled him, leaving him with serious injuries.

The suspect remains in hospital. Police say they believe it wasn’t a random incident, and the public faces no further danger. The targeted woman escaped unharmed and the stabbing victim suffered minor wounds.

Read more in The Pictou Advocate.

Constance Glube

Local history: Constance Glube
After she graduated from the Dalhousie law school in 1956, Constance Glube’s attempt to begin her legal career was a battle.

As a Jewish woman, she struggled to find work in Halifax’s white-male dominated legal sector, eventually working with a private firm before joining the City of Halifax as its solicitor in 1969,” writes history columnist Dorothy Grant. “By 1974, she had risen to become Halifax city manager, the first woman in Canada to have such a job.”

In 1977, an unexpected phone call from then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau would send her down a new path.

In her latest post for Unravel Halifax, Grant explores Glube’s journey to the top of the Canadian justice system.

Mulgrave wants answers as police costs climb
The cost of RCMP services for the town of Mulgrave has jumped 4.9 per cent to $171,000 per year. That’s the cost of one officer annually, but Mulgrave’s coverage actually totals up to 0.5 officers, dispatched from Port Hawkesbury (16 kilometres away).

Mayor Ron Chisholm says the RCMP has told him that the price hike is because the number of calls for service from Mulgrave climbed from 50 in 2019 to 113 last year. Town staff have been talking to police about how to reduce costs, with no success so far.

Drake Lowthers has the story for The Reporter.

Keji seaside park closed until 2022
Parks Canada has closed Kejimkujik National Park Seaside on the South Shore to fix damage that dates back to 2019. The 8.7-kilometre Port Joli head trail has been closed since Hurricane Dorian ravaged the site.

“The trail is really unique and it also gets the full force of the ocean,” explains site superintendent Jonathan Sheppard. “When Hurricane Dorian hit, our trail infrastructure there got really damaged with erosion, washouts, and undercutting … Since that time we realized we want to continue to keep providing an amazing coastal hiking experience for visitors, but in order to do so we needed to change the infrastructure to be resilient to climate change and the increased frequency and intensity of storms.”

Kevin McBain reports for LighthouseNow.

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