Roundup: Police share more about Pictou Co. bazooka arrest, suspended C.B. councillor under investigation again, COVID still spreading worldwide, Astor Theatre hosts day for Ukraine

An American soldier with a bazooka during the Second World War. RCMP recently seized a similar weapon from a Pictou County home. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Plus: Spryfield of dreams — Glen O’Keefe aims to make his community into Halifax’s newest craft beer destination

RCMP Cpl. Natasha Farrell says that the bazooka police recently seized from a Pictou County home was inert. “DND said it was likely a practice round used in training,” she explains.

Still, David Avery, curator of the Pictou County Military Museum, describes the discovery as “scary.”

“Ammunition poses a very serious threat to public safety in large part because people don’t realize the danger and should not be playing around with it,” he explains. “A bazooka! Outrageous. I would not think there are any bazookas out there, but there you go.”

Police discovered the bazooka after raiding a Glencoe home, where a woman says someone pointed a gun at her. They also seized a stash that included a crossbow, eight rifles, six handguns, and seven shotguns.

Daren Douglas Loucks, 55, appeared in provincial court in Pictou yesterday to face charges of careless use of a firearm, using a firearm in the commission of an offence, pointing a firearm, uttering threats, and unsafe storage of a firearm.

Raissa Tetanish reports for the Pictou Advocate.

Suspended Cape Breton councillor probed again
Richmond Municipal Council is again investigating Michael Diggdon, after accusations earlier this week that he sent messages threatening to “embarrass” CAO Don Marchand.

“We do have information that’s been collected as well from the person who reported the breach, and also Councillor Diggdon who has provided his information as well,” says Warden Amanda Mombourquette. “We just received that, so I think we’ll take some time to review it and come to a decision.”

Diggdon is already serving a suspension for breaching the code of conduct in another incident, after a woman accused him of repeatedly sending inappropriate texts.

Jake Boudrot has more for the Reporter.

Glen O’Keefe. Photo: Bruce Murray

Spryfield of dreams
When Glen O’Keefe opened Serpent Brewing, he had a straightforward goal.

“It was really the fact that I had moved to Spryfield when I moved here from Newfoundland and understood how shitty it was to live out here and not have decent access to a fun place to go,” he says. “Once that all sort of clicked for me, it was like OK: if I don’t jump on putting a brewery in Spryfield now, someone else is going to.”

In the early days of European settlement, Spryfield was fertile farmland, becoming known for its livestock, grain, and root crops — a place where supply met demand. Today, it’s best known as a maze of roads, semi-industrial space, and Halifax’s least-unaffordable apartments. Is Serpent the beginning of a shift?

Brooklyn Connolly has more in this recent Unravel Halifax story.

COVID spreading worldwide
The World Health Organization reports 681,966 new COVID-19 cases globally in the last 24 hours.

The real number of ill people is likely much higher though, as many jurisdictions (including Nova Scotia) are now withholding daily data, making it impossible to get a full picture of the disease’s spread.

Dr. Tara Moriarty, director of an infectious diseases research laboratory and professor at the University of Toronto medical school, recently estimates that Nova Scotia has about 19,300 cases per day, more than ten times higher than the government’s lab-confirmed figures.

So far, COVID has killed 6,227,291 people worldwide, including 38,847 people in Canada and 290 Nova Scotians

Jean Robinson-Dexter. Photo: Twitter

Music for Ukraine
Liverpool’s Astor Theatre will host the Queens Care: A Day for Ukraine event on Apr. 30, raising money for the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

“It started out as us, as a theatre group, thinking about how we can do our part and show our support for Ukraine,” says Jean Robinson-Dexter, general manager of the theatre. “I think it particularly hit home a number of weeks ago with the bombing of a children’s theatre. That really touched my heart.”

The lineup includes Amy Grant, Lauren Amirault, Ashley Rose Goodwin, Olivia Olsen, Malcolm Freeman, and the Bluegrass Wingdings.

Kevin McBain has details for LighthouseNow.

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