Roundup: No new cases of COVID, new rules for non-bubble visitors, and Fundy residents cross their fingers

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Nova Scotia saw no new cases of COVID-19 on July 6 according to yesterday’s press release. As of yesterday, there were four active cases, all a result of international travel.
The QEII Health Sciences Centre’s microbiology lab completed 291 Nova Scotia tests on July 6 and is operating 24-hours.
As of Monday, July 6, the COVID-19 outbreak at Northwood’s Halifax campus is considered resolved after completing 28 days with no active cases.
To date, Nova Scotia has 55,428 negative test results, 1,065 positive COVID-19 cases, 63 deaths and four active COVID-19 cases. Cases range in age from under 10 to over 90. Some 998 cases are resolved. Two people are currently in hospital recovering from the aftermath of their COVID-19 infections.
Welcome to Nova Scotia
Before you book a visit from family members outside our region, let them know that non-Atlantic Bubble travellers must now complete a tracking and self-declaration form.
Non-bubble visitors must provide the address where they will self-isolate for 14-days, and a phone number where they can be reached 24/7. Provincial staff will contact visitors daily to ensure they are self-isolating.
“We’ve sacrificed too much in Nova Scotia to allow people who won’t follow the rules to put everyone else at risk,” said Premier Stephen McNeil in a press release. “We’re working hard to reopen our economy safely, to let people explore our province this summer, and to reunite them with their loved ones. Most people are being safe and following the rules and we expect everyone who enters Nova Scotia to do the same.”
If a self-isolating visitor does not answer their phone after three attempts in one day, police will be called to conduct and in-person check. The fine for violating the Health Protection Order is $1,000 for a first offence.
Eyes on Fundy
On Thursday residents of the Bay of Fundy will learn if the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark receive a worldwide UNESCO designation. While this won’t mean more tourists for the 2020 summer season, it will raise the region’s profile once travel begins again in earnest.
“We’re a well-kept secret in many ways,” says Best Perkins, the Geopark’s manager. “I have friends back in Ontario and when they hear Bay of Fundy, they think of New Brunswick. We need to change that.”
Read more about what this could mean for the area in the latest edition of Hub Now.
N.S. non-profit to make masks
CACL Antigonish has partnered with the Social Enterprise Centres’s social enterprise, Basic Masks Nova Scotia to sew, non-medical facemarks to support communities and organizations across the country.
Basic Masks launched in March 2020, once it became clear there would be abundant need for non-medical masks. The project will provide work opportunities for individuals, small businesses and non-profit organization who have be affected by COVID-19.
The masks will be available in two sizes and expand to cover the nose and mouth areas snugly. The cost of each mask is $6.50 and $10, based on the order size. Contact Basic Masks to place an order.
Read more in The Pictou Advocate.
Ultra-easy marinades
A well-stoked kitchen cupboard means you’re ready to create a trove of marinades ready for your next barbecue. While beef and pork are marinated to tenderize the meat, fish is generally rather tender, so marinading is all about flavour. What ever the event, these four recipes from our sister publication East Coast Living are sure to please.
Give us your good news
Let us know what’s happening in your neighbourhood this summer. Email our editor and you could see your socially-distant block party or super-volunteer neighbour in an upcoming roundup.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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