Roundup: No known COVID cases, Cliffs of Fundy Geopark joins elite club, NSCC upgrades, drought fears grow, new clinic for women

Soley Cove. Photo: Marianne Cullip

As of yesterday, Aug. 10, Nova Scotia has no known active cases of COVID-19, according to the latest provincial government update. So far, Nova Scotia has 66,315 negative test results, 1,071 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 64 deaths. 

Cliffs of Fundy celebrates UNESCO designation
Organizers recently had the chance to have their long-awaited celebration, celebrating the Cliffs of Fundy’s designation as a UNESCO Geopark, just one of five in Canada and 161 worldwide. The Geopark program celebrates sites and landscapes “of international geological significance… managed with a holistic concept of protection, education, and sustainable development.”

To maintain the designation, Cliffs of Fundy will have to continue to embrace those qualities. “We accept the challenge and will strive to be the best Geopark in the world,” says chairman Don Fletcher. Raissa Tetanish reports for Hub Now.

Upgrades coming at NSCC
The provincial government recently announced that it’s spending $19.4 million on repairs and upgrades at nine Nova Scotia Community College campuses. “By addressing these much needed repairs now, we’re able to reduce our future costs and extend the lives of our campuses,” says NSCC president Don Bureaux.

The spending is part of the government’s recently announced infrastructure project. The aim is “creating local jobs and upgrading key infrastructure that supports the training and development of our local workforce,” says advanced education minister Labi Kasoulis, in this Jake Boudrot story from The Reporter.

Silver Donald Cameron wanted to heal his community
Acclaimed writer Silver Donald Cameron came from Toronto but Cape Breton’s Isle Madame was his home. And with his final book, Blood in the Water from Penguin Canada, he aimed to help the community recover from a headline-grabbing murder.

“Don thought long and hard about being the writer to tell this story,” recalls wife Marjorie Simmins. “For some time, he really wasn’t sure if he wanted to… He hesitated because he loved this community with all his heart. He had no wish to cause more hurt than the event already had. I suggested that there was actually no other writer better suited for the task than he was, and that it could be his love letter to Isle Madame.” In this new Halifax Magazine interview, she shares the story behind Silver Donald Cameron’s final book.

Waiting for rain
As hot, dry weather continues through much of the province, fears of drought and water shortages grow and communities are starting to ramp up conservation efforts. In Pictou County, Stellarton is in Stage 1 of its “Water Contingency Plan,” which means restricting unnecessary water usage. The Pictou Advocate reports.

New clinic for women’s urinary issues
Experts estimate that some 300 million worldwide live with urinary incontinence, an embarrassing and oft-ignored medical problem. Now Shelagh Meagher has opened a new Halifax clinic called SheSpot to treat the condition.

The clinic offers a new treatment using high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate and strengthen pelvic muscles. “It’s a relatively simple procedure with rare side effects,” says Dr. Sally Jorgensen, the clinic’s medical director. Gayle Wilson reports for LighthouseNow.

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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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