Roundup: N.S. promises to protect forests, fears of COVID resurgence in autumn, Halifax junior lacrosse team in international tournament, South Shore show spotlights local artists

Wayne Boucher is the featured artist at this year’s Medway Head Lighthouse Arts and Craft Show. Photo: Submitted

Plus: Among the SS Atlantic victims, Lynette Richards discovers the story of a remarkable young sailor who wasn’t at all what they seemed

The provincial government recently announced changes to its forestry plan, which officials promise will help protect for old-growth forest around Nova Scotia.

“The updated policy clarifies and strengthens the language for protecting old-growth forests,” forestry department spokesperson Adèle Poirier says in an email. “It protects the same amount of old-growth forest and restoration opportunity areas. While it doesn’t add more to the current total, whenever new areas become known to us, the policy will automatically apply.”

Drake Lowthers has more for the Reporter.

COVID resurgence looms
World Health Organizations are warning about an impending resurgence of COVID-19.

“With colder weather approaching in the northern hemisphere and people spending more time indoors, the risks for more intense transmission and hospitalization will only increase in the coming months,” says WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a recent media briefing.

Like many governments, Nova Scotia has eliminated most COVID protections, drastically cut testing, and stopped sharing daily COVID data, which Adhanom Ghebrevesus says makes it much harder for experts to track new variants and forecast the next phase of the pandemic. “There is a lot of talk about learning to live with this virus,” he adds. “Learning to live with COVID-19 does not mean we pretend it’s not there. It means we use the tools we have to protect ourselves, and protect others.”

There is a lot of talk about learning to live with this virus. 

Like many governments worldwide, Nova Scotia has drastically cut testing and stopped sharing daily COVID data, which Adhanom Ghebrevesus says makes it much harder for experts to track new variants and forecast the next phase of the pandemic.  

WHO officials report 752,713 confirmed new cases around the globe in the last 24 hours. So far, COVID is known to have killed at least 6,453,458 people, including 43,505 in Canada and 484 Nova Scotians.

Exploring the story of a mysterious sailor
After moving to Terence Bay, N.S., author and amateur historian Lynette Richards became fascinated with the story of the SS Atlantic, a steamship that foundered near the village in 1873, killing 535 people.

As she read newspaper reports of the tragedy, she learned the victims included a mysterious woman

“It was discovered that this person had been among the crew, unbeknownst to anybody, and they are buried in one of the mass graves at the end of the road,” Richards says. “My heart leaped because I recognized the spirit of this person in me, and I was also heartbroken that they were buried anonymously in this last grave. It suddenly felt like a pilgrimage destination, and I knew I needed to tell this story for the world.”

Next month, she shares the sailor’s story in the new historical graphic novel Call Me Bill, from Conundrum Press. Ameeta Vohra has more in this new Unravel Halifax story.

Local lacrosse team in international tournament
The Halifax Thunderbirds under-17 team began play yesterday in a National Lacrosse League junior tournament in Ontario that is showcasing the sport’s up-and-coming talents.

The squad includes 16-year-old Lachlan MacDonald from Pictou County, who relishes the chance to compete at a higher level. “I like that it’s a unique sport,” he says. “You don’t have to be a big guy. It’s a team sport and I like the speed of it.”

Steve Goodwin reports for the Pictou Advocate.

South Shore show spotlights local artists
Back for its 11th year, the Medway Head Lighthouse Arts and Craft Show continues through Aug. 25, featuring some 60 local artists.

Victoria Fraser, chair of the organizing committee, says she’s thrilled to have so many artists participate. “I hope it’s as well received this year as it has been in other years,” she adds. “It’s a really good showcase for local artists.”

Kevin McBain has more for LighthouseNow.

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