Roundup: Halifax man sentenced after controversial RCMP raid, COVID 75 times deadlier than flu for N.S., beekeeping grows in popularity, busy hurricane season looms

A member of the RCMP wearing a defaced Canadian flag during a 2021 raid on a South Shore home. YouTube screen capture.

Plus: Who’s the boss? Can Tim Houston make Nova Scotia Power do what’s best for Nova Scotia?

As Nova Scotia Power appeals to regulators to (again) jack up your electricity bill, the monopoly is also trying to keep secret reports on management pay, bonuses, and government lobbying activity, plus some public court records.

It’s the latest illustration of the monopoly’s rapacious relationship with the province it ostensibly serves, and underlines the challenge Nova Scotia Power presents for Premier Tim Houston.

In the last issue of Unravel Halifax, we talked about how the utility is also slowing Nova Scotia’s shift to green energy.

“Nova Scotia has a much-ballyhooed plan to stop producing coal-fired power, and the 2030 deadline looms,” I wrote. “The province is home to many green energy boosters and entrepreneurs, with a host of ideas. And they report a common challenge: Nova Scotia Power is largely stymying their efforts, rather than working with them to hit the province’s clean energy targets.” 

Read more.

Dr. Tara Moriarty

COVID far deadlier than flu
Infectious diseases expert Dr. Tara Moriarty has been providing regular COVID-19 updates on Twitter, and her latest research indicates that about 70 per cent of pandemic deaths in the province are now unreported, as the Houston government continues withholding daily data.

She also torches the common anti-vax lie that COVID is no more harmful than a seasonal influenza, revealing that the disease is killing 75 times more Nova Scotians than the flu.

Overall, COVID is known to have has killed 6,290,452 people worldwide, including 40,995 in Canada and 391 Nova Scotians

Halifax man sentenced after controversial raid
Larson Muongo, the Halifax man who was the subject of a heavily armed RCMP raid on the South Shore in May 2021, has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for assaulting a cab driver and having illegal ammunition.

Muongo, who is Black, has questioned if his race is why the RCMP sent a large tactical team for a routine arrest.

Video from the raid shows at least one of the officers wearing a Canadian flag defaced with a blue stripe, in defiance of RCMP uniform regulations. The badge dates back to 2014, when NYPD officers began wearing a similar design in response to outcry over the police killing of two unarmed civilians. The American version has well documented links to white nationalist movements.

Keith Corcoran reports for LighthouseNow.

Tim Purdy. Photo: Steve Smith

Beekeeping grows in popularity
Tim Purdy, owner of the Country Fields Beekeeping store in Fall River, doesn’t know quite what accounts for it, but something is buzzing in Nova Scotia.

“We’re definitely seeing way more hobbyists,” he says.

When he first came to Nova Scotia and registered as a beekeeper 16 or 17 years ago, the province hovered around 215 registered keepers. Now, there are nearly 900. 

Janet Whitman more about the fast-growing hobby in the latest issue of East Coast Living.

Busy hurricane season looms
Maritimers should brace themselves for “three to six” major storms this hurricane season, forecasts Canadian Hurricane Centre meteorologist Bob Robichaud.

“Based on the water temperatures that we’re seeing in the Atlantic, and the fact that we’re still in a La Niña situation, the probabilities are pretty good that we’re going to see an active season overall,” he explains. “The first thing to do is really analyze your situation, know your risks, and then develop a plan that covers those risks.”

Drake Lowthers interviews him for the Reporter.

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