Roundup: Down to 4 COVID cases, shooting inquiry finally starting, Nova Scotian becomes NCAA coach, David Myles takes the stage, med students to train on South Shore

Iona Stoddard

As of yesterday (Oct. 22), Nova Scotia is down to four known cases of COVID-19, according to the latest government update. To date, Nova Scotia has 106,965 negative test results, 1,097 positive COVID-19 cases, and 65 deaths.

Nationally, the COVID case count keeps ticking up, with the federal government now reporting 23,481 cases nationwide, including 9,194 in Quebec, 6,390 in Ontario, 3,519 in Alberta, and 81 in New Brunswick. The national death toll is now 9,862.

N.S. mass shooting inquiry getting underway at last
More than six months after the tragedy, the public inquiry into last April’s mass shooting in Nova Scotia is finally about to begin.

In a press release yesterday, the federal and provincial governments announced that Toronto lawyer Kim Stanton will be the third commissioner, joining Michael MacDonald and Leanne Fitch.

Earlier this week, shortly before government made this announcement, the victims’ families spoke out again, saying they feel “ignored and abandoned.” In July, the governments ordered the inquiry, after their plans for a “public review” (lacking the power and transparency of an inquiry) drew widespread outrage.

The Nova Scotia shooter driving through Truro on the morning of the attacks, past people oblivious to the danger. Photo: RCMP

The inquiry’s mandate is to examine how the shootings occurred and RCMP actions. In the months since the attacks, many questions have come up.

Iona Stoddard prepares to prove herself again
Councillor-elect Iona Stoddard is used to being the only Black woman at the table. She’s been experiencing it her whole career.

“I felt that I had to represent all of the people of colour: I had to do better, be twice as efficient,” she says. “I felt the pressure to prove myself when I walked in a room… felt like all eyes are on me. If I made a wrong or incorrect move, I was being judged like all the people of colour… It was tough.”

With her upset win over Richard Zurawski in District 12 in the recent HRM election, she’ll become the first and only Black woman on Council. She hopes to clear the way for more diversity in the city’s government. “I’d like to be a bridge-builder,” she says. In this new Halifax Magazine feature, she chats with Ameeta Vohra about her goals and the people who shared her journey.

Jennifer MacAskill

Stepping behind the bench
Jennifer MacAskill, from Aulds Cove, N.S., is continuing to climb the hockey ladder, recently named head coach of the Manhattanville College’s women’s hockey team. Located in Harrison, N.Y., the team competes in the NCAA’s third tier.

MacAskill was an assistant coach for the last two seasons, working with the team’s all-time wins leader David Turco, who recently moved to helm the men’s program.

“I… developed such a love for the team and the school,” she says. “I am looking forward to continuing that growth.” The Reporter has the story.

David Myles performs in New Glasgow
It’s a good weekend for live-music fans in the New Glasgow area who have been enduring a pandemic dearth of concerts. Tomorrow night, the Riverfront Jubilee brings acclaimed singer/songwriter David Myles to the stage at Glasgow Square Theatre for a live show. The Pictou Advocate has details.

Medical students to train on South Shore
Dalhousie University medical students will get hands-on experience on the South Shore, as part of a new program to encourage future doctors to practise in rural communities.

“This is a great way to offer on-the-job training and show students what it’s like to practise in rural areas,” says Randy Delorey, who was health minister at the time of the announcement. Gayle Wilson reports for LighthouseNow.

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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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