Roundup: Dartmouth man faces hate-crime charge, Guysborough politicians call riding change ‘an injustice,’ COVID spread continues, athletic builder feted

"Carnival" by Teresa Young.

Plus: For West Coast transplant Teresa Young, art is a journey of joy and self-discovery

Mark Andrew Kozlowski of Dartmouth is scheduled to appear in court next March to face a charge of “willfully promoting hate.” The allegation stems from a 2020 photo shared on social media, showing a sign depicting a noose on Kozlowski’s Queens County cottage.

Passerby Angela Bowden took the photo, after spotting the sign from the road.

“That is a very identifiable, specific, and concrete example of the lynching of Black folks,” she says. “There’s no other way to take that. I don’t think you can fully appreciate seeing what that image does to Black folks. Seeing the noose — that’s a threat on your life. It’s not a joke and it’s a clear sign that this type of extreme behaviour exists in the province.”

In 2020, a post on the Facebook page of Wilson Heavy Equipment, Kozlowski’s business, said that someone hung the sign (which was sturdily bolted to the wall) as a “joke” without his consent.

Keith Corcoran reports for LighthouseNow.

Guysborough politicians decry riding change
Guysborough councillors have joined the growing chorus of local politicians decrying an impending electoral boundary change, which would move their community from its Central Nova riding to one that largely represents industrial Cape Breton.

“I don’t like being put in with Cape Breton Island. I think if anything we should be Antigonish-Guysborough,” says Deputy Warden Janet Peitzsche. “Cape Breton Island is an island on its own, and I think they should have their own boundary. To put us in with Cape Breton does us injustice.”

Drake Lowthers has the story for the Reporter.

Teresa Young

A journey of discovery
From her first painting as a three-year-old, Haligonian Teresa Young has felt the call of art.

“I honestly don’t think I could live without it,” she says. “It is a fundamental part of my personality; I can’t separate myself from that … Art is a joy, and I want to share it. As I express it, it’s coming out, and that’s why I’m happier when I can share it with other people.”

That art, colourful and abstract — evocative of the West Coast First Nations, raised questions about her ancestry, leading her on a new journey of discovery.

Ameeta Vohra interviews her for Unravel Halifax.

COVID update
The Houston government continues withholding daily data, making it difficult to get an accurate picture of the disease’s spread in the province, but World Health Organization officials caution it’s still rampant around the globe, with 534,877 new COVID-19 cases tallied worldwide in the last 24 hours. 

So far, COVID is known to have has killed 6,285,171 people, including 40,799 in Canada and 391 Nova Scotians

World Health Organization officials add that those are only the deaths directly from COVID. When they tally deaths that doctors could have otherwise prevented had COVID not exacerbated an existing condition, the count skyrockets to 14.9 million.

Judy Smith

Athletic builder feted
Next month the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Hall of Fame will meet in Halifax to induct Judy Smith in the builder category, lauding the long-time athletic director and administrator for her long-time efforts to improve funding and equity in amateur sport.

“I don’t think there is anyone more deserving than Judy Smith,” says Jackie Fitt-Ryan, who worked with her at the agricultural college in Truro. ”She is so much respected in the CCAA. She paved the way for a lot of women to attain leadership positions.”

Steve Goodwin has more for the Pictou Advocate.

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