Roundup: C.B. Conservative touts Poilievre’s appeal to youth, South Shore fisherman charged with drunk boating, COVID update, Pictou Co. police seek crowbar-wielding robber

Kjeld Mizpah Conyers-Steede is one of the organizers of the Art of City Building conference. Photo: Submitted

Plus: The Art of City Building — Halifax event looks at how to build great urban spaces

Urbanophiles are gathering in Halifax today for the Art of City Building conference, to discuss how the world’s great cities create public spaces that are attractive, functional, sustainable, and accessible.

“There are a lot of things happening within our cities that people are talking about,” says conference organizer Kjeld Mizpah Conyers-Steede “We’re bringing big ideas to inspire and provoke challenging conversations about how cities can rediscover themselves and navigate economic and social change … We’re talking about systemic barriers. How do you develop cultural districts? How do you have that connection? We’re actually using models from Halifax to showcase what people are doing to start the conversation.”

Alec Bruce reports for Unravel Halifax.

Pierre Poilievre (right) during a recent chat with white nationalist James Mackenzie, who is awaiting trial on multiple charges. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Cape Breton Conservatives pleased with Poilievre
His Cape Breton backers are hopeful that Pierre Poilievre’s recent election as federal Conservative leader will reinvigorate their party.

“Poilievre does have an ability to attract that age demographic and speak directly to them, and he’s doing that through the various social media outlets that he has command of,” says Cape Breton-Canso Conservative Association president James Kerr. “It’s great because of the amount of new members that we have in this riding, and I kind of think that was mirrored throughout the country. It creates a lot of excitement, a lot of new blood, younger blood. All in all, I think it’s very promising for the party.”

Jake Boudrot has more for the Reporter.

Fisher charged with drunk boating
A Lunenburg County fisherman is set to appear in court in early November, after a Sept. 3 arrest at the Bush Island wharf.

“A fishing boat was observed offshore maneuvering in circles repeatedly for several minutes,” says an RCMP press release. “When the boat docked at another wharf nearby, the operator and sole occupant, a 41-year-old Bush Island man, disembarked and exhibited significant signs of impairment.”

Keith Corcoran has the story for LighthouseNow.

Police say the suspect fled in a Jetta. Photo: Stellarton Police Service

Pictou County police seek robber
Stellarton police say that around 12:50 a.m. on Sept. 16, a man armed with a crowbar smashed a glass door and menaced a worker at the Sobeys gas station on North Foord Street, then fled with money and cigarettes.

Investigators describe the suspect as a medium-build white man, approximately 5’11”, wearing a black hoodie, grey sweatpants, a grey shirt, dark sneakers with white soles, black gloves with red trim, and a black balaclava at the time of the incident. After the attack, he fled as a passenger in a dark grey Volkswagen Jetta, which had black aftermarket rims and tinted rear windows.

The Pictou Advocate has more.

COVID update
The World Health Organization reports 499,868 confirmed new COVID cases around the globe in the last 24 hours. So far, COVID is known to have killed at least 6,501,469 people, including 44,740 in Canada and 522 Nova Scotians.

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