Roundup: 79,000 customers still powerless, shooting response ‘far from perfect’ says RCMP lawyer, witnessing hockey history, COVID update

Fifty years ago, Pictonian Clyde Fraser travelled to the Soviet Union to cheer on Team Canada at the historic Summit Series. Photo: Steve Goodwin

Plus: Straight from the source — a different kind of grocery shop

Six days after the remnants of hurricane Fiona hit the province, about 78,000 customers are still without Nova Scotia Power service, as of 10:30 a.m. And people are airing their frustration with confusing communications and unreliable repair estimates.

“Hey NS Power, you robocalled us at 10 p.m. saying power might be on tomorrow,” tweets customer Tim MacGillivray, who lives near Truro. “Woke up this a.m., power still off but (your) automatic line says no outages in our area? What the …?”

Utility spokespeople continue to plead for patience, saying that most customers in the Halifax area are now reconnected, with the majority of the service failures in the northeastern mainland and Cape Breton.

Meanwhile on the South Shore, emergency officials are counting their blessings after escaping storm surges and coastal flooding.

“Our area fared well,” Angela Henhoeffer, Lunenburg County’s emergency management co-ordinator, says in a press release. “Between the track of Hurricane Fiona as it approached Nova Scotia, and the fact that residents took pre-storm warnings seriously, people in Lunenburg County were as prepared as possible to face the challenges.”

Kevin McBain reports for LighthouseNow.

RCMP shooting response ‘far from perfect’
The Mounties’ response to the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting — which included misleading and delayed updates to the public and at least two fumbled opportunities to confront the gunman — was “far from perfect,” concedes a lawyer representing the police force at the Mass Casualty Commission.

There are “things the RCMP wishes it could go back in time and change,” Lori Ward adds. “Some relate to training, equipment, and resources. Some are simply human error. All of them are regrettable.”

Janet Whitman has the latest for the Reporter.

Paul Henderson celebrates his winning goal. Photo: Frank Lennon

Witnessing hockey history
This month marks the 50th anniversary of hockey’s 1972 Summit Series, which pit Canada’s professional stars against the Soviet “Big Red Machine” in best-on-best play for the first time. The series was a nail-biter, with Paul Henderson scoring the clinching goal in the waning minutes of the final game.

In this week’s edition of the Pictou Advocate, Steve Goodwin chats with local fan Clyde Fraser, who attended five of the eight games, and was among the tiny contingent of Canadian fans who travelled to Moscow for the final four matches.

He recalls how the rowdy Canadians chanted “Da da, Canada; nyet nyet, Soviet,” annoying the sedate Russian fans. “We outshouted them with 3,000 people,” he says. “We’d drown them out … We didn’t do anything that endeared ourselves to them.”

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COVID update
The World Health Organization’s tally of new COVID infections more than doubled overnight, with officials reporting 444,072 confirmed new cases around the globe in the last 24 hours. So far, COVID is known to have killed at least 6,518,749 people, including 44,992 in Canada and 534 Nova Scotians.

Sean Gallagher. Photo: Bruce Murray

Straight from the source
When Krista Armstrong and Sean Gallagher opened Local Source Market, they wanted to change the way Haligonians grocery shop. Or rather, take them back to how people once shopped.

“We wanted to create that feeling of old-school grocery store charm … to be a neighbourhood grocery store and showcase excellent local Nova Scotia produce,” Gallagher says. “Small greengrocers have become rare in our society, but it’s something that people still want. They want to be able to ask questions about what they’re buying and feel a sense of connection to the place. So, it feels like important work to feed people seasonal food from our local farms and provide fresh daily bread.” 

Colleen Thompson explores in the latest issue of Unravel Halifax.

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