Roundup: 3 charged after home invasion, COVID update, celebrating East Coast oysters, animal shelter fundraises for surgical suite

SHAID Animal Shelter is raising funds to improve its ability to care for abandoned cats. Photo: Submitted

Plus: The evolution of the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

Inverness County RCMP are continuing to hunt for a fourth suspect after a reported home invasion in Mulgrave. They say that on Oct. 1 a group of men forced their way into a Tower Road home and assaulted four people before fleeing the area.

Police have so far arrested three men: 23-year-old Riley Hoben of Boylston, 51-year-old Craig Edward Ryan of Mulgrave, and 23-year-old Craig Evan Ryan of West Bay. They face multiple charges.

The Mounties haven’t released a possible motive for the attack.

Jake Boudrot has more for the Reporter.

COVID update
The World Health Organization reports 263,033 confirmed new COVID cases around the globe in the last 24 hours. So far, the disease is known to have killed at least 6,548,492 people, including 45,689 in Canada and 555 Nova Scotians.

Robert Laing founded the conservatory in 1887.

A hub for music
The Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts began in 1887 as the Halifax Conservatory of Music.

Today, the programming is much different, but its mission is unchanged: instil a love of the arts.

“The Maritime Conservatory has played a big part in my growth as a musician,” says one student testimonial. “I have improved a lot since beginning lessons. I love having lessons … and plan to continue to learn and grow.”

Dorothy Grant explores the institution’s evolution in her latest Unravel Halifax post.

Animal shelter fundraises for surgical suite
A new surgical suite at SHAID Tree Animal Shelter would help reduce animal neglect and be useful in controlling the South Shore’s feral cat population, according to backers.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have an animal hospital on the South Shore to provide options and assistance for low-income families to have their pets spayed and neutered at low-to no-cost?” says an appeal in LighthouseNow. “What about an animal hospital on the South Shore with a goal to tackle the feral colonies by trapping and having the cats spayed and neutered? How about being able to spay and neuter homeless and abandoned animals on the South Shore, as soon as they were brought into the local animal shelter, instead of having to wait weeks to months for available appointments?”

Read more.

Celebrating East Coast oysters
Maritimers often take it for granted, but this region produces some of the world’s best oysters, and much of the credit goes to our unique geography.

“Nova Scotia is a textbook example of where you’d want to grow oysters,” explains Colton DEon, operations manager of DEon Oyster Company. “Our coastlines stretch just over 13,000 km, and with the Bay of Fundy, an enormous amount of water flows through our bays each day, bringing in vast amounts of nutrients, which translates into unique flavours.” 

Like wine and terroir (the influence of local climate on grapes), oysters have their own merroir. Water, tides, currents, and local sea life all give each bay’s harvest a unique flavour.

Explore our bivalve bounty with Colleen Thompson in the latest issue of East Coast Living.

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