Roundup: 19 new COVID cases, Coats for Kids seeks boost, exploring fall foliage, bystander training — when and how to help

Photo: Jodi DeLong

Plus: Morris House’s rebirth — Dorothy Grant checks in with one of Halifax’s most historic homes

Nova Scotia has 163 known active cases of COVID-19, with 19 new cases and 21 recoveries reported in yesterday’s update. Fifteen people are hospitalized in COVID units, including five in ICU.

Of the new cases, nine are in the Northern Zone, eight in the Central, and two in the Western. Health officials say community spread continues in the Central Zone, “primarily among people aged 20 to 40 who are unvaccinated and participating in social activities.”

They also say that a fifth patient at the Kentville hospital has tested positive for COVID-19, as testing and contact tracing continues to investigate the extent of that outbreak.

Around the province, government announced COVID exposures at four more schools.

Coats for Kids calls for support
A Pictou County campaign to collect winter outerwear for those in need is underway, but support is lagging.

“We’re not getting the donations we did last year when we were deeper into the pandemic, so we’re asking people to dig into their closets,” says Coats for Kids co-organizer Ashley Spaulding.

Learn more, and how you can help, in this Steve Goodwin story from The Pictou Advocate.

Watercolour of Morris House in its early days. Credit: N.S. Archives

Morris House’s rebirth
When provincial surveyor general Charles Morris bought his downtown house for 65£ in 1764, it’s likely he never imagined it would still be around 2.5 centuries later, nor could he have envisioned it moving in its entirety, to find new purpose in a new neighbourhood.

The hard work of many local groups and volunteers saved Morris House from the developer’s wrecking ball. Today it stands on the corner of Charles and Creighton streets, serving its community as a goal for at-risk youth.

In this new post for Unravel Halifax, Dorothy Grant looks at its journey through the years and across the city.

Exploring fall foliage
With Nova Scotia’s forests exploding in their annual riot of autumn hues, many of us will be the spending the weekend ambling sylvan pathways, marvelling at nature’s splendour.

And there’s a lot more going on with those colourful trees than you may realize. Learn what’s happening, and what to watch for, in this new East Coast Living web exclusive by Jodi DeLong.

Bystander training — when and how to help
Racists, antivaxxers, misogynists, xenophobes: jerks abound, and sooner or later, you’re going to see one of them in a restaurant or store, doing their best to ruin some minimum-wage worker’s day.

The impulse to come to the rescue is strong (and most laudable), but if you’re not careful, you could make the situation far worse and endanger yourself.

In the health and safety field, bystander training is the hot new topic, teaching people how and when to safely intervene. In his latest column for LighthouseNow, industry expert James Golemiec dives in.

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