Rise of the mermaids

A new fishy troupe in Halifax aims to educate and inspire. The group is Halifax Mermaids, which was co-founded by Rebecca Ambrosino and Stephanie Brown—separately known as mermaids Mimi and Raina.
Ambrosino says the two met five years ago, when Brown responded to an ad Ambrosino had posted online advertising her business. “She found me on Kijiji,” says Ambrosino. “I was just amazed there was another mermaid girl around.”
Since then, they’ve worked together at children’s birthday parties and events before deciding to combine their efforts and create Halifax Mermaids. Established last year, the group also includes Lindsay Macaulay and Jacqueline Lundraigan—mermaids Nessie and Naida respectively.
They want to encourage people to believe in their own imaginations, while also teaching them about the ocean and ocean-related issues.
“I want people, especially the children, when they see a mermaid to have the want and need to dream and believe in mermaids as long as they can,” says Ambrosino. “We [also] want to teach the kids about the ocean and how amazing and beautiful it is.”
The group plans to expand. “Our five-year plan is for the business to become Nova Scotia Mermaids and then Canadian Mermaids,” she says. “We just want keep growing and become a mermaid agency.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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