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Last year's Timeraiser event.

If you’re anything like me, you might have a tendency to get a bit overwhelmed by the surplus of events and fundraisers going on in our burgeoning city. Sometimes it’s challenging to decide where and when to spend one’s time and money, and if you’re operating on a tight budget (but still have a generous spirit) this can be even more daunting.
That’s why I was so impressed to learn that Halifax now hosts an annual Timeraiser event. This creative concept has existed across Canada for a while now and Halifax is entering into the third year hosting this unique event. The reason I find myself intrigued by Timeraiser is simple: it is all about donating your time to non-profits and, in exchange, you can earn yourself a stellar piece of art and make lasting connections within the community. It seems that all participants benefit in a positive way and the ingenuity behind that makes this event stand out among others.
Argyle Fine Art director and entrepreneur Adriana Afford has joined the team as Timeraiser Halifax community animator for this year’s event. She feels passionately about Timeraiser’s ability to connect and engage communities with the arts.
“I’ve volunteered for the last two years. It’s such an innovative concept and a perfect way to contribute to the community while supporting the arts,” says Afford. “It also makes original art accessible to everyone.  Artists get paid. Non-profits are connected to volunteers and volunteers earn original artworks—everyone wins! I’m excited for this third Halifax Timeraiser  and helping make this year’s Timeraiser the most successful yet.”
The deadline for emerging artists and non-profits submissions is coming up Friday, August 8. Timeraiser even pays the artists involved market value for their pieces, and the event (which takes place October 9) connects skilled volunteers to a wide array of interesting non-profit groups. Last year’s event provided a forum for 25 non-profits to meet and work with local volunteers and raised $6,865 for local artists.
To me, it sounds like a wonderfully positive opportunity for everyone involved and a worthwhile way to spend a little time. I know from my own personal experience that I can’t always afford to buy the art I admire, and this sounds like a great way to work toward the goal of acquiring that sought-after piece. Crystal Ross participated in last year’s event and was pleased to have the opportunity to work toward an admired piece of art and provide her own special skill set as a baker.
“I started with Adsum House and offered up my abilities as a baker through teaching and cake donations. I also reached out to the Dartmouth Heritage Society, and serendipitously found myself organizing a high profile cake auction,” she says. “I can say with sincerity that I’m loving working with these guys and have made lasting connections. I feel more engaged with my community, and have tons of momentum to continue this simple act of volunteering. And it seems pretty incredible that by offering my time, I’ll get to hang an original painting made by one of my favourite artists [Natasha Krzyzewki] on my wall.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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