Pandemic silver linings

I was unfamiliar with Windywood Publishing in Hubbards until I got a call from owner Patricia Thomas. She was looking for writers to contribute to a new anthology and favoured me with an invitation.

She didn’t have a hard time convincing me. As we chatted, I was impressed because it clear that she recognized early on how COVID-19 would shake up our lives.

For many, the pandemic has been extremely distressing: school and business closures, isolation, schools being closed, restricted contact with loved ones in care homes, and, just as frustrating, the new complications of what had once been simple activities such as going to a supermarket or religious service.

But fortunately faced with such upheaval, Thomas realized that humans possess the amazing ability to find great comfort in uplifting events, those hopeful moments of day to day life.

Working with the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, Thomas invited writers, musicians, and artists to share their impressions and experiences.

I was happy to share my essay and on Oct. 15, the book Gathering In: COVID-19 Silver Linings became a superb reality

Its content grows from the creative insights, imaginings, events during the April–July COVID-19 lockdown in Nova Scotia. Twenty-six contributors are represented in this anthology, focusing on silver linings experienced during this difficult time when human liberty and freedom was curbed in favour of the greater good.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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