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As of late, I’ve been retreating to a simpler and more natural beauty routine. I’m steering away from products with chemicals and this goes for the food I’m eating as well. I’ve become a bit of a mixologist and found that so many items right in my own kitchen are excellent additions to my beauty routine (think honey facials, olive oil hair masks and brown sugar scrubs). So, I was thrilled to hear that the ultra-natural soapery Olivier has found a new home in Historic Properties. Originally established in Sainte Anne, New Brunswick, this company has been around for years but just opened in Halifax in August.
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I popped in for a visit recently and enjoyed the rustic décor of hard wood floors, traditional shelving and a sampling area where customers can feel free to lather and repeat at the test drive sink. There are so many products I would like to try including the anise, blueberry and castile soaps. All of the scents are very mild and almost undetectable which is perfect for anyone who gets irritated by scented products. I tried a small dab of the sensual massage oil which had a lovely sweet almond and rose scent which I thought could be worn as a light perfume. Every product available has olive oil as the base ingredient which I already consider a multi-tasking must-buy item for my home. In the end, I decided to snap up the rosemary soap and vitamin E and carrot soap to try out for myself.
On day one, I tried the rosemary soap on my face and hair. I was a little skeptical that it could be used on both and noticed that it didn’t really lather very much on my dirty blonde locks. I’d been told at Olivier that most shampoos make suds because they are full of chemicals and that no suds is not necessarily a bad thing. As I blow-dry my hair, I have a moment of uncertainty as my hair doesn’t seem to have its normal, natural sheen. However, when the process is complete, my hair actually feels shinier and healthier than it has in weeks. My skin seems to have a newfound luminosity. Some of the ingredients in the rosemary soap are olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and essential oil of rosemary. I feel fabulous and am excited to incorporate this step into my routine.
On days two to four, I add the Vitamin E and carrot soap into my morning face washing. It has a tightening effect that is perfect for facing a long work day. According to Historic Properties Olivier manager Shayna Piercy, using gentle products leads to lasting effects.
“It’s scary to read some of the ingredients you can’t pronounce in drugstore products,” she says. “Olivier products have no chemicals so they won’t strip the natural oils from your skin which really cuts down on the amount of moisturizing you need. We also use beeswax as a base ingredient which helps the products last up to four times longer.”
For me, the proof was evident after my week of sampling. My hair feels softer and lighter than before and I have only washed it twice. My skin is clear and bright and I barely need moisturizing. The results are clear and promising and I will definitely be back to Olivier for more.
Olivier Soapery is located at 1869 Upper Water Street.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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