Message in a bottle

Valentine’s Day has always perplexed me. I’m either doing my best to avoid it or searching for a thoughtful gift idea to subtly let that certain someone know that they’re special without being completely cliché. It’s a tall order either way and that’s why I was delighted to stumble upon Argyle Fine Art’s latest ingenious idea, Do small things with Great Love.
Poet and author, Shannon Webb-Campbell is at the ready to compose short love poems for sweethearts, but part of the responsibility lies with the gift givers. That’s what makes this idea so creative and fun. The giver must think of four words about the recipient and Webb-Campbell will use those words as inspiration to write a short 140 character poem, which is rolled up with a red heart and string and inserted into a little glass bottle.
If you feel the need to spoil your significant other maybe a poem could be paired with a fancy dinner or flowers. But when it comes to a sentiment your loved one will remember for a long time, I can’t think of anything more thoughtful and heartfelt than a customized love poem. Webb-Campbell’s prowess as a poet ensures that even the simplest of words can be spun into graceful prose exemplifying that good things really do come in small packages.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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