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One of the best lessons I’ve learned as editor of Halifax Magazine is that amazing people are all around us, and often they’re hard to spot, until you hear their stories. Jody Miller is one of those people. In our cover story, she tells Sarah Sawler about her weight-loss journey, about how (at age 38) she just plain got fed-up with being overweight. She was sick of feeling like people were treating her differently, she was tired of not being able to live the life she wanted.

So she decided to make a change. But no fad diets or fitness gadgets for her—just smart, sensible changes. She started following the Canada Food Guide, she exercised a lot, she learned to make better food choices. And now, she feels like a new person—in fact, her joy practically radiates off the pages of this magazine. Her story is inspiring, filled with practical common-sense advice that you use to embark on your own fitness journey.

And the story has given me just the kick in the butt I need. If you’ve been reading these columns for a while, you know I went through my own fitness adventure over the last couple years, with a strategy similar to Jody’s. I greatly improved my overall fitness and lost about 40 pounds. The last milestone came in the spring, when I ran the Bluenose 5K for the first time, and set a personal-best time in the process.

And that was the high water mark. After the Bluenose, I strained my finicky right knee, providing an excellent excuse to take a month off from exercise. Then it was too hot to run. Later, that excuse smoothly segued to “now it’s too cold” in November. (And that’s nonsense, anyway—I learned to run in January, for Pete’s sake.) My diet has stayed pretty good, but it’s not as good as it was, and I’ve gained back about eight pounds of the weight I’ve lost. I’ve been lazy and complacent, but thanks to Jody’s inspiration, I’m getting back on track. I hope her story inspires you too. Contact us to share your fitness adventures.
Also in this issue, I write about the annual Savour Food & Wine Festival. How, you might ask, can I write about that in the same issue where we’re celebrating getting fit? Sensible eating isn’t about cutting out the things you love; it’s just about making better choices. Even at the height of my fitness efforts, I still managed to enjoy Savour with gusto—I just ran a little more, and made healthier choices at other meals to offset it.

And really, if you’re going to splurge, Savour is the time. Back for its biggest version ever, the festival features tons of special events. See my story for details. It all climaxes with the Savour Food & Wine Show on March 5 at the World Trade & Convention Centre. This is the biggest edition of that show in years, with some 75 food and drink exhibitors from around the province sharing their wares. It’s a great way for diners to discover new tastes, while supporting local producers.

We incorrectly credited the photo accompanying the story “Progress on the Blue Mountain Birch Coves Lakes park” story on page 13 of our December 2014 issue. Irwin Barrett took the photo. Halifax Magazine regrets the error.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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