Hit it or quit it

Set to make its Halifax debut this month, Submission Series Pro is strictly a Jiu Jitsu fighting organization thought up and brought to fruition by New Glasgow’s Derek Clarke and Adam Fraser. Both fans and fighters, they held their inaugural event at a sold-out 300 seat New Glasgow Square in January.

Halifax was the latest to showcase top male and female Jiu Jitsu fighters from across the Maritimes and around the world with a card at the Bella Rose Arts Centre in Clayton Park on June 20. “Halifax will always be our home base,” says Clarke. “However, we also have shows planned for Toronto and Calgary later this year, as well as plans for an international destination in the near future.”

Think of  what you know of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fighters have timed rounds and are scored according to take-downs, blows landed, grapples, and submissions (among other things). At the end of the fight, if no one was knocked-out or forced to tap-out, the scorecard determines the outcome. Standard stuff.

Now, throw all that away. At SSP there are no rounds. There are no scorecards. There are no ring-side judges or politics. There’s only the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation black belt rules and 15 minutes to either win or lose. After the time limit if there is no victor, the fight is a declared a draw.

The no-nonsense, fight or flight attitude coupled with local and world renowned talent has the mixed martial arts world buzzing. “Our format is fun, interactive for the fans, supports the local fighters, and gives them exposure to the high level competition while supporting the local venues and areas in which we host our shows,” Clarke says. “It was developed over a quick few months and has grown into a brand recognized all over the world.”  

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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