Glenora Distillery celebrates 25th anniversary

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The operators of Glenora Inn and Distillery are honouring one of the Inverness County business’ founders with their newest product.
A limited run of Jardine Reserve, the first single-malt whisky brewed by co-founder Bruce Jardine in 1990, was launched at a special ceremony held Thursday afternoon at the Glenville distillery site. Jardine’s widow and several of his friends and family members attended the ceremony, which saluted a man who passed away in 1999 without having tasted a drop of the product that now bears his name.

Bruce Jardine

Bruce Jardine

“They had a great time,” said Glenora executive vice-president Bob Scott from his office in Halifax. “They’re so pleased that we hadn’t forgotten him, and we really haven’t.”
The use of Jardine’s name on the new 25-year-old whisky is a natural fit, given Jardine’s desire to build a distillery in “a very Scottish part of Cape Breton Island” adjacent to a spring of pure water that is used in Glenora’s whisky-making process to this day.
“He was the visionary… Thanks to Bruce Jardine, we’ve really taken the business to a world stage and are now recognized all over the world,” Scott said.
“His group went to Scotland and got some expertise through the Bowmore Distillery Group, and brought some of the folks over from Scotland to help set up the equipment, because the equipment was purchased in Scotland. We have authentic Scottish copper-pot stills.”
A quarter-century after Jardine launched his dream of a Cape Breton distillery, Scott is pleased that the product bearing the Glenora co-founder’s name is a perfect fit for an autumn day in Inverness County.
“It’s got a little touch of butterscotch and honey and toffee; it’s really quite interesting,” Scott noted.
“We’re surrounded by apple orchards, maple trees, that sort of thing. So when you taste our whisky, there’s an interesting burst of flavour development, and you can taste all kinds of sweetness: some apples, a toffee kind of taste along with that. There are just so many interesting characteristics about it, and it’s very unique.”
And as the Glenora Inn and Distillery puts Jardine’s stamp on its products and property, with the pathway leading to the distillery re-named “Jardine Road,” Scott is convinced that the company’s award-winning and international-renowned whiskies will forever carry Jardine’s legacy.
“After 25 years, we recognize the importance of Bruce Jardine, and he’s always in our marketing information that we provide purchasers and distributors of our single-malt whiskey throughout the world,” Scott pointed out.
“We’re selling product now into the U.S. and Europe and Asia. So it’s really interesting to pay that tribute to the original founder and his family, and they were more than appreciative.”
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