Finding the way back

Actor Jamie Muscato with Paul Kimball (right) during shooting. Photo: Submitted

For Paul Kimball, this Valentine’s Day will be special.

Eastlink is scheduled to debut the local director’s fourth film, The Colour of Spring. Filmed in Chester, it centres on the characters Sarah (portrayed by Alexa Morden) and Sam (Jamie Muscato).

Sarah is finally achieving acting success, while former musician Jamie works at a “dead beat” call centre. Tension builds in their relationship as Jamie resents Sarah’s success, feeling worthless and ignored by Sarah. His feelings prompt him to do something terrible, forcing the couple apart.

The rest of the film shows the journey of how they find their way back together.

“It’s a twisted love story,” Kimball explains. “Hopefully, it works out for everyone in the end. I have a habit in a film of sometimes things not working out for everyone in the end so that it could be a dark ending… There are supernatural overtones to it with clues littered throughout: maybe these characters are dealing with something bigger.”

Alexa Morden as Sarah.

The film the impact of choices people make in everyday life. As you’d expect from a Kimball movie, the afterlife is part of it, with post-death self-reflection.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of purgatory,” Kimball says. “Heaven and hell seem like, ‘OK here you go, you’re done, you’re going up, you’re going down’… [But] for most of us, there is no straight up or straight down. Everybody else is in-between. Within most religions, for instance, there’s the idea of forgiveness and redemption for even the worst of us. There’s still many of our traditions that will tell us these people can be redeemed somehow through forgiveness.”

In The Colour of Spring, the quest for redemption is both personal and romantic. The story is about how two people can find their way back, something Kimball equates to true love.

“Finding someone that can help you find yourself again, even if that might be happening in some purgatory, whether it’s an afterlife purgatory or real-life purgatory,” Kimball says. “That’s what we find ourselves stuck in this life.”

Already, the film has received international recognition, with actors Muscato and Morden, and supporting actor Holly Stevens, garnering awards from various film festivals and events, including ones in India, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.S., the U.K., Italy, France, and Canada.

This Valentine’s Day, Kimball is hopeful people will find their way to true love and that this movie will help them on that journey.

“I hope they see themselves in it…we all make mistakes, we all fall in love,” the director expresses.

“Often, those two things seem to have a relationship to the other at some point. I hope folks can look at it and still see the basics of who we are as human beings. It’s a human story about flawed people who find their way to a better place.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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