Craving: favourite Halifax sushi spots

There’s an abundance of sushi in Halifax, but some make it a bit fresher, tastier and, since we eat with our eyes first, prettier. After much research, these are my favourite sushi restaurants. They all vary in style and atmosphere, but the common thread is delicious sushi and affordability.

Alex Oh's Hawaiian Roll.

Alex Oh’s Hawaiian Roll.

1. Alex Oh Sushi and Rolls

A tiny joint on Dresden Row and has only been open for a bit over a year. The chef, as you might have guessed, Alex Oh, makes his plates so eye catching with vivid colours and surprising plating. The fresh garnishes and vegetables and even more flavourful fish will make you want to return immediately. The atmosphere would be nice for a date, with the windows that look out onto Dresden, and also a leap from the theatre.

2. Tako Sushi and Ramen

This one might be all the way out in Clayton Park (480 Parkland Drive) but it is worth the trek. It’s in a strip mall, but the food is anything but pedestrian. Also, some of the best ramen in the city (with so many flavour choices) if you’re into that.

Octopus sashimi, spicy scallop maki, urchin nigiri, and tuna nigiri at Sushi Shige.

Octopus sashimi, spicy scallop maki, urchin nigiri, and tuna nigiri at Sushi Shige.

3. Sushi Shige

Wonderful, yet under appreciated, sushi joint in the downtown. It might be due to its location tucked into a basement on the corner of Granville and Salter. If you’re looking for true Japanese fare and dishes, this is the place. Chef Shigeru Fukuyama has adventurous menu items like rolls with pickled plum and urchin roe (which can be very hard to get in the city despite being on a few menus.) This is a spacious, quiet spot, if you’re looking for comfort and privacy. Also, there’s a special omakaze (multiple course chef’s choice) dinner available if you reserve in advance.

4. Hamachi House

This Morris Street spot is a favourite for their rolls which combine some more Westernized ingredients, but in a nicely balanced way. The spicy lobster roll and tropical fruit roll are what I’d suggest if you want something delicious and different. The bar is a nice place to sit if you’ve never seen a sushi boat bar, or conveyor belt sushi bar, where the dishes literally travel around the bar, and you get to pick them up after the chefs are done.

Spicy deluxe lobster roll,  surf clam nigiri, eel nigiri at

Spicy deluxe lobster roll, surf clam nigiri, eel nigiri at

5. Wasabi House

Wasabi House made my list because it is simple, quick, and a very good value. Somehow the servers or hosts often, almost always, have you leaving with an extra roll or two in your take-out or doggy bag, which to me translates that they appreciate my business and they want me coming back. They’re located on the corner of Quinpool and Oxford, which means they are non-stop busy with university students, so not the best sit-down, but my definite go-to take out.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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