COVID-19 Roundup: Community spread, connecting with farmers, the global picture

Dr. Robert Strang. Photo: Communications Nova Scotia

As of yesterday, April 6, Nova Scotia has 262 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
Fighting community spread
In yesterday’s media update, Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang discussed how the province is expanding testing to identify and fight community spread of COVID-19. Options include new temporary assessment centres, mobile assessment and testing centres, and more lab tests. The lab is now capable of testing 24/7, processing up to 1,000 tests per day. “Expanding our testing options means we have the ability to act quickly if we’re seeing clusters of disease in communities or locations and ensures we’re able to accommodate vulnerable Nova Scotians and those living in harder-to-reach communities,” says Dr. Robert Strang.
Volunteer firefighters adapt
In many parts of Nova Scotia, when you’re in trouble, the first people you’ll see are the local volunteer firefighters. But to fight the spread of the pandemic, they’ve had to stop assisting ambulances on medical calls such as cardiac arrests and diabetic complications, except in cases of vehicle crashes or fires. “It ensures we are allowing our fire and rescue agencies to remain as responsive as possible to do our primary core function,” says Corey Zinck, president of Lunenburg Regional Fire and Emergency Services. “We’re in this for the long game.” Keith Corcoran reports for Lighthouse Now.
Farm to plate
In Halifax and around Nova Scotia, farmers’ markets are quickly retooling their operations to take online orders, helping local producers reach their customers. And they’re finding a big demand. “Our order totals were higher than we expected,” says Margaret Congdon, manager of the Truro Farmers’ Market. “I’m thrilled for the amount of support people are showing. She tells Raissa Tetanish about it in this recent Hub Now story.
Peaceful plants
When you think of things people are excited about these days, houseplants may not be top of mind. Take a break from the pandemic news with this recent Halifax Magazine story by Victoria Walton about local young people and their passion for plants gives them comfort in an unsettled world. “I can come home, light some candles, chill out with my planty babes,” says Jennifer Lee. “It’s just dark and cold out so it’s like may as well make a little oasis for myself, and find some semblance of calmness.”
More cases, more recoveries
A ray of sunshine: according to Statista, some 264,838 people have recovered from COVID-19 worldwide (as of April 6). Don’t get complacent, though: there are currently 1,274,543 cases worldwide and the disease has killed 69,487 people.
Need to know
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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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