COVID-19 Roundup: Fishing impacts, how nursing has changed, still in business

As of yesterday, April 1, Nova Scotia has 173 confirmed cases of COVID-19. One of the new cases is a staff member at The Magnolia residential care home in Enfield.
Monitoring nursing homes
“That makes three staff members and two residents of The Magnolia who have tested positive,” says a press release from the department of health. “The residents are in isolation and staff members are isolating at home. All residents are being monitored for symptoms of COVID-19 including temperature checks twice daily. To date, two other nursing homes in Nova Scotia each have one staff member who has tested positive.”
What does COVID mean for the fishing industry?
Even as it faces the health impacts of the pandemic, the commercial-fishing industry in Nova Scotia is seeing its markets dry up. “There are concerns about export numbers as shipments globally have declined,” says provincial fisheries department spokesman Bruce Nunn. While government officials are talking with industry stakeholders, there have been no policy decisions about what comes next. Jake Boudrot has an update in this recent story for The Reporter in Port Hawkesbury.
Why self-isolation matters
Day after day in their media updates, government officials talk about the people who are supposed to be in self-isolation but won’t take it seriously. Experts say that 14-day period is the key to beating this pandemic. A recent report from NPR explains. “That’s a long-standing public health practice, and it’s called ‘traveller’s quarantine,’ ” explains Lindsay Wiley, a professor at American University’s Washington College of Law. “Fourteen days is not a made-up number here—it’s based on what we know so far about COVID-19, and it’s possible that over time we’ll see that number change as we learn more.”
How nursing has changed
Some six decades before she was a regular Halifax Magazine contributor, Dorothy Grant was a nursing student. With frontline health-care workers in the spotlight today, it’s fascinating to look back at how the role of nurses has changed. She recalls cleaning patients’ rooms, standing to show respect when a doctor entered a room, and answering the hospital’s front door at night.
Still open
While the pandemic has closed many local businesses, many others are still opening, dealing with huge drops in traffic even as they scramble to reinvent their operations. Saltscapes magazine has put together this directory to help you navigate their offerings and support local.
Need to know
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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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