COVID-19 Roundup: community spread, LifeFlight keeps flying, helping truckers roll on, think before you share

Photo: Tammy Fancy

As of March 30, Nova Scotia has 127 confirmed cases of COVID-19. “While most cases to date have been connected to travel or a known case, public health has now reached a point with one of its current investigations where no such links can be made and must conclude that this case is the result of transmission within the community,” says a press release from the health department.
Keep on truckin’
After the pandemic closed her Glenholme restaurant, Crystal Blair realized few services remained in her area for truckers. She reopened, working 15-hour days to keep them fed. Soon the donations began rolling in; now truckers eat free. “I’ve had cases of fries, boxes of eggs, and a small business even donated boxes of take-out trays,” she says. Raissa Tetanish reports for Hub Now.
Above it all
Pandemic or no, LifeFlight‘s first responders soar through Nova Scotian skies, bringing help to those who need it most. “Everyone who works for LifeFlight are all pretty much alike,” says nurse Crystal Upshaw. “We like the autonomy, the challenge, and the chaos.” In this recent Halifax Magazine story, Jane Doucet talks with some of the people behind the vital service. Photos by Tammy Fancy.
Economic impacts: forestry
COVID-19 has hit every segment of the Nova Scotian economy, including the already-reeling forestry industry. The latest casualty is Port Hawkesbury Paper: due to a “declining market,” Nova Scotia’s last major mill has stopped accepting wood deliveries. Drake Lowthers has the story in The Reporter.
Don’t share nonsense
Despite what that vague high-school acquaintance says on Facebook, you can’t get COVID-19 from mosquitos. You also can’t protect yourself with chlorine, garlic, or hot baths. And COVID-19 won’t magically go away when the weather gets warm. There are a lot of myths out there, so the World Health Organization is fighting back. You’ll find fact-based rebuttals to the biggest misconceptions, and easily shareable graphics so you can do your part to set the record straight.
Need to know
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This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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