Cookies on wheels

Cookie Cravings entrepreneur Diana Manuel

Picture this: It’s my birthday morning and, let’s just say, I’m not super excited to be another year older. I was lucky enough to receive flowers later that day and had more than one lovely dinner date on the horizon, and yet I still felt a little blue. Suddenly, an upbeat knock on the door surprised me, and as I opened it, I was somewhat perplexed to see a young, cheerfully dressed woman wearing a colourful bicycle helmet.
“Are you, Nicole?” she asks.
“Yes…yes, I am,” I stammered (still a tad confused).
“Well, these are for you!” she replied, as she handed me over a delightful smelling parcel. “Happy birthday!”
And she was off, just like that. The mystery parcel had an adorable handmade card with heart stenciling and tied simply with pretty, decorative string. The note was a birthday wish from my thoughtful little sister and inside were a batch of soft, homemade chocolate chunk cookies.

Cookie Cravings has delicious s'mores, along with many other sweet treats.

Cookie Cravings has delicious s’mores, along with many other sweet treats.

This was many months ago but I have been meaning to write about this creative small business ever since. Cookie Cravings is the endeavour of entrepreneur and baking and bicycle enthusiast Diana Manuel. After graduating from university, she was unsure of which career path to follow but felt that the bottom line was that she simply wanted to do something that made her happy.
“I was inspired to start the business because I wanted to work at something I loved,” says Manuel. “I started thinking about what I did most often in my spare time. I had recently become obsessed with bicycles and rode mine around Halifax all the time. I also baked for myself and friends quite frequently and I thought it would be fun to combine the two. I noticed that there weren’t many options in Halifax for ordering dessert for delivery, so I thought cookies by bike would be so fun!”
It’s a simple concept really: cookies delivered right to your door. I found that there was something so personalized and positive about this service, that it really resonated with me. I loved that my sister took the time to think of a creative offering and this is the type of thoughtful gesture that can easily make one feel oh-so appreciated. Trust me, all it took was this unexpected delivery, along with Manuel’s utterly sunny personality, to elevate my birthday morning from hum-drum to truly special.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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