Collective memories

In April, I got a call from a reader named Isabelle. She read the cover story about the Bedford Rifle Range in our last issue, and recognized Mark Currie, who was in the photo. Currie researched the extensive history of the range and shared his story with contributor Jon Tattrie.
Isabelle was a competitive sharpshooter and her husband once served as the president of the Nova Scotia Rifle Association. The couple used to take their young children to the Bedford Rifle Range. On Sundays at the time, she says, the range had a vast space where she and her family had picnics and the kids ran around playing. She thought she remembered seeing Currie at the range when he was a young man.
I put Isabelle and Currie in touch. The two plan on getting together to share information about the range and its history. I look forward to learning more; perhaps there’s another story or two in their collective memories.
We’ve heard a lot from readers about our story on Currie’s research into the history of the Bedford Rifle Range. Most came from people who lived in the area and had no clue about the range’s past. If there is a site in Bedford you’d like to know more about, drop us a line and we’ll see if there’s a story we can share.
And remember in the last issue when I asked if anyone remembered the doughnut shop that was in Sunnyside Mall in the 1970s? Well, on one morning in May, my daughter texted me to say her teacher told her that doughnut shop was called Sunnyside Doughnuts. That makes perfect sense. And now I want a doughnut.
Of course, Bedford Days kicks off the summer on June 29, running until July 3. We are the official magazine for Bedford Days; see page 12 for details on everything that’s happening. In this issue, we celebrate Bedford Days traditions like the pancake breakfast and fireworks display.
Thanks to Gerard Avery at Sunnyside and Sunnyside Too for telling me about how the pancake breakfast comes together each year. And I also want to thank Tessa Wade, George Wade, Fred Wade, and Adam Horton at Fireworks FX for taking me a tour on their facility in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. It was an interesting look at the creativity and science that goes into the planning of fireworks displays, including the one during Bedford Days.
Also in this issue on page 14, Heidi Tattrie Rushton looks back at the history of The Chickenburger. And Dorothy Grant recalls what it was like spending her summers in Bedford.
Enjoy Bedford Days and have a great summer. As always, if you have feedback or story ideas, email us at

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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