Building a Better Editor: Race day approaches

Olympic triathlete Simon Whitfield will be giving editor Trevor Adams running tips as he prepares for the Blue Nose.

It’s been a month since my last report on my preparations to run the 10K at the Blue Nose Marathon, so we’re long overdue for an update. Short version: It’s been freakin’ frustrating. Not long after that last update, I fell ill with the flu. The sort of flu that made my doctor say “Wow, this is a crazy bad flu.” On her orders, I had to give up training almost entirely for two weeks while I convalesced. When I finally got back in action this week, it was like starting all over again. I’m bouncing back fast, but my doctor thinks that 10K is too ambitious for my first Blue Nose.
So, I’ve signed up for the 5K and I’m continuing to train with Team Myles and trainer Devin Sherrington. Honestly, I’m disappointed to not be doing the 10K. Heck, I wanted to do the half-marathon initially, until I discovered that running wasn’t as easy as I’d assumed. But, in my current shape, the 5K is still going to be a big challenge, and it’s still 5K more than I was running at this point last year. I’m focusing on running the best time I can (and not tweaking my wonky right knee now). On Saturday, I went out with Team Myles and ran 5.6 km in 40 minutes. That’s my first time doing that distance without a break (we had been doing it in intervals of five minutes running, one minute walking). My right knee was singing “Ave Maria” by the end, so I know it’s the right decision to not try for 10K at this stage. I’m also back in TRX team training at GoodLife working with trainer Jon Ells. As I’ve said in previous posts, that’s an intense, high-reward workout that’ll give me a nice energy kick before race day.
And next week, I’m going to get to benefit from some more expert guidance, as I interview Olympic triathlete Simon Whitfield. We’re going to be talking about:
•             Developing optimal running techniques
•             Pre- and post-workout stretches
•             Having the right equipment
•             How to power up with food
•             Recharging workout recovery
Is there anything specific you’d like me to ask about on your behalf? If so, post a comment and I’ll try to get you an answer.
Whitfield aims to help readers get ready for the Blue Nose, and will be sharing details on a chance to win a trip for two to a major Canadian marathon and spend 12-weeks personal training with Simon to prepare for the 2015 Halifax Blue Nose Marathon or the Mississauga Marathon. The winner will receive an all-expense paid trip for two to participate in the marathon, as well as new running gear and a chocolate milk supply. Register at to participate in the contest.
Keep following this blog to hear what Whitfield has to say, and the latest on my get-fit efforts.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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