Building a Better Editor: It’s good to be back

I really want to run in some portion of the Blue Nose Marathon this year—likely not the full marathon, but I think the 10K is doable. And that means it’s definitely time for me to get serious about getting in shape again. In the last 14 months or so, I’ve managed to shed 45 pounds and about six inches off my waist. While I’ve been delighted with my progress, I’ve been in a bit of a lull for the last couple of months. I haven’t been training much, and my diet certainly slid over Christmas. So it was with some trepidation that I resumed TRX team training at GoodLife Park Lane this week. I’ve done this sort of team training (a Boot Camp, plus three other six-week TRX programs) before and I know how well it works for me—I benefit a lot from having to be accountable to someone (in this case, trainer Jon Ells) and I’m kind of competitive, so having fellow trainees to compare my performance with helps.
But I was nervous, because during my last team training session, in December, I pulled a muscle in my left arm and wrestled with it throughout the month. The pain nagged, I couldn’t do many exercises effectively and, at the end of the six weeks, I felt like I was just limping to the finish line, not going hard. And then there was Christmas. Following advice from Jon, I tried to maintain at least a shadow of a diet. I didn’t work out a lot, but I made it to the gym a few times. I knew I could have done better, though. So bearing all that in mind, I just wasn’t sure about how things would go when I got back in TRX.
To my pleasant surprise, when we started this week, I didn’t feel like I lost too much ground. My pulled muscle seems fully healed. I could do most exercises just as well as I could at my peak. Except for single-leg squats, which I’ve always hated—I could only manage about half as many reps of them as in December. I’ve also noticed my stamina and cardio conditioning have waned a bit. I need to improve that tout de suite if I’m going to do any serious running.
But most importantly, I feel like my head is back in it. Now that I’m back in a groove, I want to eat better and work out more. It seems a shame to work hard twice a week in team training and not get the maximum benefit from it. And, just as important, I’m having fun working out again.
So, stay tuned for weekly posts on how the training and my Blue Nose preparations are going. Are you embarking on a fitness program this year? Post a comment and share your story.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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