Editor’s Message: Bringing back memories

I was driving down the Bedford Highway last month when I began craving ice cream. I was close to Sunnyside Mall when I remembered in the 1980s there was an ice cream shop there called Swensen’s.
I recalled once going there after a recorder recital (yes, I played the recorder). Our music teacher took us there for a post-recital treat. I had a mint-chocolate chip milkshake.
Then I remembered there was a doughnut place in the same spot in the 1970s. That store made the best and freshest doughnuts, which were packaged in white boxes tied with strings. I especially remember the smell that came from that store: sweet and fresh sugar and yeast. No one makes doughnuts like that anymore.
Every day we pass places that stir up memories. A few weeks ago, during the photo shoot for our cover story (page 10), Mark Currie did much the same. While we were making our way to the Bedford Rifle Range, which is profiled in our cover story, Currie pointed out several spots of historical significance to the range and to Bedford.
Currie researched this area and the range for years, all inspired by his connection to the range during his youth, much like my connection to ice cream and doughnuts.
In the issue, contributor Jon Tattrie sat down with Mark Currie to learn about his connection to and fascination with the Bedford Rifle Range. How many of us, myself included, drive by that area on a daily basis and never ask about its origins or how it’s used today? I think it’s a fun look back at a place that has a long connection to our history, as well as a look at one person’s fascination with it.
Our contributors to Bedford Magazine often get the best story ideas from stories they hear or questions they ask while in the community. Dorothy Grant, for example, brings to this issue a profile on Dr. Gerald LeBrun. He’s the namesake for the LeBrun Arena, of course, but he was a practicing physician in Bedford for years.
Over the years, Grant has brought us many stories based on her own memories or curiosities of Bedford, including the Moirs Chocolate Factory, pioneer developer George Lister, and other historical figures from Bedford. Dorothy has lived in Bedford for several years, and is always sending me story ideas based on memories she had that are connected to Bedford.
Also in this issue, we also learn about Tanya Milne, a local jewelry designer whose work is appearing in boutiques around the city. And we talk to a group of performers who are bringing back the oldies at the True North Diner.
Visit our Facebook page (“Bedford Magazine”) where we are sharing stories and other information about Bedford. This has been a great venue for talking about our memories of Bedford. It was here I first posted about my Swensen’s ice cream memory.
In the meantime, if you can remember the name of the doughnut shop in Sunnyside Mall, I would sure like to know.
As always, if you have story ideas or comments, email srent@metroguide.ca. Tune into my radio shows, Culturally Speakingand Cobequid Magazine, on Sundays at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., respectively. I share stories from Bedford and beyond there. Listen online at www.communityradio.ca

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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