Artisanal television

Photo: Krista Comeau

A sassy cheese block, an apathetic demon and a kooky producer are only a few of the whacky characters on Flag on the Play, Eastlink Television’s sports news and conspiracy show. Recently surpassing 50 episodes, Flag on the Play has grown from a hobby web series to a professionally produced program over the last three NFL seasons. Childhood friends Paul Doucette and Hugh Stewart host, and Evan Elliot directs.
“Watch it because it’s funny and local TV entertainment, which is few and far between,” Stewart says. From staged wrestling to Pro Bowl specials, he adds, “We get to tackle a variety of genres within the framework of a show about football.” They say colourful networks YTV and ESPN influence the show. “We know about cable culture and people seem genuinely impressed when they stumble upon us,” says Doucette. “We’re getting more ambitious and have become artisanal television.”
Aired on Eastlink TV after weekend AUS and QMJHL games, also available on Eastlink OnDemand and online, the show is a unique blend of critical sports commentary, special guest stars, fantastical theories and high-quality post-production with a local hip-hop soundtrack. “We’re lucky to have a really talented crew,” says Doucette. “We couldn’t do it with just the two of us.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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