Adam Korson plants a Seed in Halifax

Photo: Mike Tompkins

It’s only appropriate that Adam Korson feels like he’s coming of age in Halifax. He stars in the sitcom Seed, which taped last fall in Halifax and starts its new season this spring. It’s the story of Harry, a self-absorbed bachelor bartender, who sired several children as a sperm donor. The series began with his kids tracking him down. In the upcoming season, Harry will continue to pursue a relationship with them.
There’s a warmth in the character and Seed overall that reflects who Korson wants to be as an actor. “When I first read Harry, he can come across as abrasive and manipulative but I always saw his heart,” he says. “There’s a lot of heart in the scripts we get. It takes it out of this slapsticky setup-setup-joke land into relatable characters and relationships.”
It’s more challenging, and satisfying, for Korson as an actor to play a character with emotional depth. “That was important to me, that there wasn’t just this dick of a bachelor bartender in it for himself,” he says. “And the fact that he stays in these kids’ lives, that only comes from a place within Harry where he’s missing something.”
Mind you, the relatability only goes so far for Korson. “I like kids but I don’t know if I want kids any time soon,” he laughs. He could see putting down roots in Halifax, though. “I had never been to Halifax at all and I love it,” he says. “Last season I didn’t have much time to explore the city and the province. I was restricted to the downtown: incredible people, incredible city, and incredible food. This season, I’ve been able to roam around the province. I could see myself living her, setting down some roots.” Season two of Seed airs on CityTV, beginning March 6.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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