A year of Unravel

As Halifax keeps changing, so too does its magazine 

A year ago seemed the perfect time to launch Unravel Halifax, the new-and-improved title that replaced Halifax Magazine. 

That unpleasant COVID business was sliding behind us, and government was scrambling to roll back protections and resume our pre-plague lives. We saw an opportunity for a new magazine, one that respects our past while keeping its gaze locked on the future, a publication that amplifies the changemakers and people working to make Halifax a better home for all its citizens. 

Like most amateur epidemiologists, we were wrong about that first part. COVID is still very much with us, and the idea of resuming a pre-pandemic life seems more ludicrous by the day. (Hello, monkeypox!

But we were right about that second part: it was time for Unravel Halifax, a transformed magazine for a transforming city. In the last year, the pace of change in our city has been dizzying. Buildings going up (and coming down), daily COVID twists and turns, politicians coming and going, businesses opening and closing and opening again, and a constant feast of art and music. 

As Halifax finds its feet in this strange new world, so too does Unravel. We’re developing our voice and style as we build bonds with readers and our talented (and essential) team of writers, photographers, and illustrators. 

We’ve tackled topics like the affordable housing shortage, the climate crisis, and systemic racism. And we’ve also put the spotlight on many of the great things happening in our city: local people doing cool things, exciting redevelopments, thriving arts communities, a better-than-ever food and drink scene, and much more

The best thing about working on a magazine like this is that the job is never done. Each new issue is a chance to improve, tell new and better stories, and keep growing. 

We get the joy of producing this magazine — I know, sarcasm is kind of my brand, but I’m in earnest; there’s no job I’d rather do — although ultimately, Unravel belongs to you. What do you like about the magazine? What can we do better? What are the stories you want to read? Who are the people in your neighbourhood who deserve more attention? 

Click here to respond to something we’ve published, suggest a story, or just share your thoughts on life in Halifax. We read every email, and we may publish your letter in an upcoming issue. 

Thanks for reading, and if you like this magazine (and if you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you do) please encourage your friends to sign up for a free online or print subscription. The more readers we have, the more resources we’ll be able to devote to telling Halifax’s stories. 

And finally, thanks for the support and encouragement in our first year! We’re excited to be on this journey with you. 

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