A visit from the Amazing Race

Ever wonder what it would be like to win The Amazing Race Canada? Halifax Magazine caught up with Season 4 winners Steph LeClair and Kristen McKenzie on the Halifax waterfront and they told us what they’ve been up to since they became the first all-woman team to win the Canadian reality show.

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Photos by Tammy Fancy

“It’s been truly life-changing for us, and not just in terms of the money and the prize-winning,” says McKenzie. “We both quit our jobs and the money’s great because it allowed us to do that, but [the show] also opened our eyes to so many different things, travel-wise, and the people we’ve met, and just how grateful we are.”
LeClair and McKenzie may have quit their jobs, but they didn’t take much of a breather after the show ended. Since September, they’ve hiked part of the Appalachian trail in Maine, trekked 27 km of Mount Doom, skydived in New Zealand, swam in a volcano crater in Costa Rica, and explored the Great Barrier Reef (sharks and all) off the coast of Australia.
And life just got busier from there. While the couple was in Australia, producers of The Amazing Race Canada Auditions asked them to host the fourth season of the spin-off show. They accepted the offer with a lot of excitement and no hesitation at all.
“It’s pretty easy for us to get excited about it when we had such a good experience,” says McKenzie.
A few months later, and McKenzie and LeClair were travelling around Canada again, as hosts for The Amazing Race Canada Auditions. The gig took them back home to Toronto, then to Ottawa, Montreal, St. John’s, and finally Halifax. Usually the Auditions show has different hosts in each city, but this year, McKenzie and LeClair hosted them all.
“We’ve met so many amazing people, we’ve seen so many amazing places, and now the opportunity after the show with the audition show, we’re just really appreciative and thankful,” adds LeClair. “It’s been a really fun experience for us.”
“It’s really cool because this year it’s a little different, and some of the racers who applied are actually coming on the show. We get to meet them instead of just watching the videos,” says McKenzie. “Today we’re meeting a team of guys who applied and they had a pretty funny audition video. They told us they were willing to do anything to be on TV, so we’re going to put them to the test and see if they really mean it.”
McKenzie and LeClair don’t know what’s next for them yet, but they know they’ll have to pass the torch soon, and return to their respective jobs in law and sales. For those who are hoping to grab that torch for Season 6, start getting your tape ready now.
“Definitely do it,” says LeClair. “We were one of those teams that was just like, ‘We’re never going to get picked anyway, so why even bother?’ We did it last minute and we made it on. It really worked out for us.”

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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