Sponsored Content: 10 Tips for Holiday Road Tripping

10 Tips for
Holiday Road Tripping


People across Atlantic Canada are packing up their vehicles to head off on holiday road trips to visit family and friends – and for many of them, their fuel and snacks won’t cost much.

It’s true. AIR MILES Collectors can now use AIR MILES Cash Miles towards eligible purchases at participating Irving Oil gas stations across Atlantic Canada . If you’re not a Collector yet, be sure to sign up on their website.

Collectors can use Cash Miles in-store (for everyday purchases) and at the pump (for fuel and vehicle supplies), which means it’s easier than ever to have a smooth and cost-efficient trip.

So, before you hit the road for a holiday trip, be sure you’ve got your AIR MILES Card tucked into your wallet. Here are 10 tips to keep you safe – and to save money – during your holiday travels.

1. Travel with an ice scraper/snow brush.
It doesn’t take long for snow and ice to build up on your windshields and windows in bad weather. Treat yourself to one with a telescopic handle if you’re driving an especially tall vehicle – your arms will thank you.

2. Pack a vehicle phone charger.
Just because you’re setting off with a fully-juiced phone doesn’t mean you can skip the car charger. Cold temps will shut off certain smartphones and they won’t power back on without a boost. Even if you’re not relying on your phone for GPS assistance or driving directions, you don’t want to find yourself stuck on the side of the highway without a way to call for help.

3. Bring warm clothing.
Sure, your vehicle’s toasty-warm with the heater running, but it’s still not a good idea to set off on a winter road trip by skipping the jacket and just grabbing a light sweater. If you’re not going to wear boots and a warm coat, at least have them with you in the vehicle. Same goes for a hat and gloves. If you find yourself stopped on the side of the road – or needing to brave the elements – you want to be able to keep yourself warm.

4. Don’t forget the emergency kit.
A good kit will contain jumper cables, a first aid kit, roadside flares, matches, and one of those cool crinkly silver space blankets. You’ll also want to add a flashlight (with extra batteries) and a pair of gloves.

5. Fill up frequently.
With Atlantic Canadian winters, don’t let your fuel level dip below half a tank when you’re travelling this time of year. It’s always good to have that extra buffer, in case you find yourself stranded somewhere and need to keep the vehicle running to stay warm until it’s safe to continue. You can use up to $750 (7,125 Cash Miles) per Collector Account, per day, towards your purchases at participating AIR MILES Partner locations1. That’s enough gas to get you clear across Canada– well, you know, if it was possible to drive that far in a single day!

6. Check those tires!
Hopefully your vehicle is already decked out in its winter tires, since they’re recommended for optimal driving in cold temperatures – not just snow. Make sure the tire pressure is A-OK and that you’ve got the spare loaded up, just in case.

7. Stock up on supplies.
Whether your holiday road trip will take two hours or two days, you don’t want to travel without bottled water and snacks. In an emergency, no one is going to want to “drink” a handful of snow and eat the crushed granola bar someone finds in their purse. Start your trip off with a quick visit to Irving for supplies. Be sure to pull out your AIR MILES Card, because Atlantic Canadian Collectors have the opportunity to get and use Cash Miles on everyday purchases, and that includes water, juice, soft drinks, potato chips, sandwiches, and any other road trip goodies. Just be sure to get enough snackage for all the passengers, because no one wants to drive – or ride – when they’re hangry.

8. Top up your windshield washer fluid.
The weather can be a messy around the holidays, and you need clean windshields in order to have proper visibility. Be sure to grab the container marked for winter temperatures so it doesn’t freeze inside the lines. And yes, you can use your Cash Miles for it!

9. Clean off your lights.
Before you hop back in your vehicle for the next leg of the trip, grab a couple of paper towels and wipe down your front and rear lights. They’re likely covered with slush or snow from your travels, and you want them shining bright to keep you safer on the road.

10. Make it memorable.
Prepare a holiday road trip playlist (or bring along some old-school mix CDs) so you can make the most of those hours in the car. It might end up being a fun experience, especially if you’re sharing it with someone. Happy travels!

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To learn more about Cash Miles and setting your balance preference, visit www.airmiles.ca.

This story was originally published in Halifax Magazine.

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